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Post Foods On Its Own

The new company is expected to have annual sales between $800 million and $1 billion after its February 6 spinoff from Ralcorp.

Food Biz Kids: Quaker Q-Smart Rice Cake Snacks

Our panel of 7th and 8th graders were divided in their assessment of Q-Smart rice cake snacks.

How Food Processors Can Avoid 'Natural' Disasters

With no federal guidance on how a product can be labeled as natural, how can companies compete while minimizing potential liability? There is no "one-size" answer, but several low-cost, effective solutions can help mitigate the risk.

Case History: Safer, Eco-Friendly System for Food Cooling

Liquid glycol and pre-insulated plastic pipe yield savings and peace of mind for Tasteful Selections.

General Mills To Buy Brazilian Food Maker Yoki

Paying $857 million for $550 million (sales) diversified company.

Lawmakers Pushing For More Food Safety Reforms

Kellogg's Mackay to Lawmakers: Overhaul the Nation's Food Safety System

Food Processing Awards Two Processors Green Plant of the Year Status for 2015

This year, the contenders were so well represented and loved, that we're introducing our very first co-Green Plants of the Year.

Unilever to Sell Wish-Bone to Pinnacle Foods

Also Western dressings for $580 million.

Friendship Dairies Cottage Cheese Fortified with Probiotics and Prebiotics

Friendship Dairies' All-Natural Digestive Health Cottage Cheese with Pro-Active Nutrients naturally boosts digestion and enhances bone health.

FDA Opens Reportable Food Registry Portal

Adjective Creep Spoils Reporting

Adjective creep amounts to increasing the strength of a finding as it is condensed, simplified and becomes more widely disseminated. It is much like what happens to rumors as they pass from person to person, with each person embellishing on what the previous gossip has told them. One minute Mary ...

CEO: Joseph E. Scalzo, Dean Foods Co.

Chinese officials examine food safety systems in Minnesota

Food Processing to Debunk Ingredient Myths During Twitter Town Hall October 4

Join our digital doyenne in the Twittershpere to talk about ingredients, their myths and how well consumers are understanding manufacturers' messages.

UGA Licenses Invention That Kills Food-Borne Pathogens

Division President: Jim Clough, Schwan's Food Service Inc.

Food Biz Kids: Mixed Feelings on Victor Packing's Berry Blasters

Our 7th-grade panelists returned mixed reviews of Victor Packing's Berry Blasters fruit snacks.

VICTREX PEEK Polymer for Food and Beverage Processing Machinery Components

From highly wear-resistant bearings, bushings, seals and valves, to precision cutting blades and energy-efficient pumps, components made with VICTREX PEEK polymer keep machinery running at peak productivity levels.

Aspartame Popular Among Food Processors

Weight and health concerns continue to propel the market for low-calorie sweeteners, with a host of recent global product launches showing the popularity of sugar replacer aspartame in new sugar and sweetener formulations.

CEO: Neil Cracknell, Golden State Foods

Johanns resigns from USDA, Conner named acting secretary

President Bush announces resignation of Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns and names Chuck Conner Acting Secretary of Agriculture

FDA Alerts Consumers to Recall of Certain Pistachios

FDA and California Inspectors Identify Salmonella

Executive Vice President: Sam Rovit, Kraft Foods Inc.

U.S. Leads in Obesity but Transatlantic Weight Gap Is Narrowing

"Overweight Consumers and the Future of Food and Drinks," a new report from independent market analyst Datamonitor, reveals that the American waistline is getting bigger even though consumer spending on diet products is forecast to grow by 20%, to US$54 billion in 2009.

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Displaying 2201-2225 of 6216 results