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Product Development Trends: The Greek Effect Spreads

No longer an end to itself, Greek yogurt has become an ingredient in many dairy (and some non-dairy) products.

Reed Named Executive Director, Senior Vice President of IFIC Foundation, IFIC

Kimberly Reed Named Executive Director of the International Food Information Council Foundation and Senior Vice President of the International Food Information Council

'Markaging': Your in-store salesman

Are You Being Transparent with your Employees?'s article asks the question: Are you being up front with your employees?

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Atlanta Shutdown Disrupts 2014 International Production & Processing Expo

It will never rise to the level of a “Where were you on 9/11?” catastrophe, but last week’s Atlanta blizzard that brought the city to its knees and disrupted a major food-industry show will be grist for tales of inconvenienced business travel for years to come.

Herr Foods: Chipping away at the competition

Slowly Rising

Out of site

Creation Trends: Bridging a great divide

Money to burn

Brussels sprouts from Idaho?

From shake to bake

Opa! Greek Goes Chic

Was pitchman the victim of a high-pressure HPP squeeze?

Chew on this

Connecting cows, cooperatives, Capitol Hill and consumers

Dow up and other news you can use

Thanksgiving spending down

Time to heat up the grill

Industry News

Considered the top news source for the food and beverage industry, find out the latest news on our Industry News page.

Don’t blame obesity on high-fructose corn syrup

CFSAN names director of food additives

Crawford Nominated as Permanent FDA Chief


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Displaying 51-75 of 76 results