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Polyphenols and L-Carnitine Show Potential for Functional Foods

Two nutraceutical compounds are showing considerable promise for functional foods: polyphenols, found in tea, grapes, and olives and L-carnitine, associated with lean meats.

Candy Merges with Nutrition in Cow Candy’s Snack Cheeses

Cow Candy revolutionizes the original string cheese with fun new candy flavors like Fruit Punch, Grape, Strawberry and more!

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Dairy

Cow Candy

Food Preservation Agent Is Whey Beyond

November 2015

November's Food Processing looks at new ingredients that are elbowing their way into many products.

Sanitary Disk Capable of More Than 250,000 Cycles

Continental Disc Corporation announces the release of its newest sanitary disc, the Sanitrx HPX rupture disc.

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Sanitation & hygiene

Continental Disc Corp.

Interest And Consumption In Cheese Remains Strong

IDDBA report notes trends toward natural, artisanal and local cheeses.

R&D Teams Pushing New Boundaries with Innovative Ingredients

Ingredients no one had dreamed of a decade ago are now in a host of foods, but there is much more to come from the ingredient innovation pipeline.

Wells Enterprises Inc. (formerly Wells Dairy)

Thinking outside the barn

McDonalds Asks Consumers to Make Wise Choices

McDonald’s is fighting a battle for the entire food industry, putting nutrition facts on wrappers and asking consumers to make wise choices.

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Displaying 551-560 of 1243 results