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Flavorchem Introduces Dutch Cocoa Replacer

Flavorchem recently introduced its Dutch Cocoa Replacer which can be used in baking and beverage products.

Category: Ingredients


Flavorchem Achieves SQF Level 3 Certification

Flavorchem Corporation recently announced its achievement of SQF Level 3, the highest level of certification.

Flavorchem Launches New Website

Website offers improved navigation and information.

Flavorchem Opens New Liquid Production Facility

44,000-sq.-ft. addition to its Downers Grove, Ill., headquarters.

A Good, Stable Year for Vanilla

With prices low and usage growing, the orchid may pop up in more applications.

Ethnic Cuisine Offers Innovation Opportunities For Food Manufacturers

Authentic flavor is a start, but ethnic food ingredients now face the same scrutiny as their apple pie neighbors.

Demand For Custom Flavors Is On The Rise

Taste profiles from bacon to mango (plus complex combinations) can be created by custom flavor companies.

Flavor Trends for 2012

What flavors will entice consumers in 2012? Think ethnic fusions, ‘authentic' spice blends and exotic fruits.

Global Flavors Are Capturing Imaginations And Driving Sales

Authentic spices are the key as even the most mainstream food companies try out bold new ethnic offerings.

Processors Working to Remove the Guilt From Desserts and Confections

And guilt comes in many forms: unnecessary calories, gluten and "artificial" sweeteners and color additives among them.

2014 Flavor Trends: Yogurt's Fruitful Union

Yogurt products rely on perennially popular fruit flavors and some more complex combinations for balance, appealing to both men and women as well as Hispanic customers.

2015 Flavor Trends: Spice Heats Up The Grocery Aisles

Foods in all categories are becoming more flavorful, and spices and seasonings help add complexity and global appeal.

What Is the Future for Synthetic Colors?

Their use undoubtedly will fade over time, but synthetics continue to shine in some applications.

Ingredient Round Up: October 2015

A monthly round-up of food and beverage ingredients chosen by our editors.

Ice Cream With an International Flavor Twist

Jasmine ice cream with salted seaweed? That one's not here yet, but Americans' desire for adventurous flavors extends into one of the most traditional categories.

April 2013




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Displaying 1-19 of 19 results