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Quakers Quakes Snacks Now Called Quaker Popped

Quaker Oats Company recently changed the name of its Quakes snacks to be called Quaker Popped. The bite-sized snacks contain 10 to 13 grams of whole grain per serving and zero grams of trans fat.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Snacks

Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookies Offer Whole Grain Oats On The Go

Quaker Oats Co. introduced a line of packaged Quaker Oatmeal Cookies, with ready-to-eat whole-grain oats, real pieces of dried fruit and crunchy nuts.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Snacks

Quaker Real Medleys Pairs Oats Chunks Of Fruit

Quaker Real Medleys varieties include apple Walnut, Summer Berry, Peach Almond and Cherry Pistachio.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Grain Products & Cereal

Quaker, Chef'd Collaborate on Breakfast Meal Kits

Quaker Oats Co. is collaborating with Chef'd online meal-kit service provider on three Quaker oats meals in the first breakfast options available from Chef’d.

Quaker Mini Delights

Quaker takes the health halo of rice cakes, adds other grains and drizzles it with chocolate to create Mini Delights.

Food Biz Kids: Kids Wish for More Chocolate in Quaker Chewy Snack Bars

Our junior high testers felt the chocolate and mint were lacking in this Quaker Oats snack bar, claiming 'If only it were more chocolaty.'

Quaker Foods President Mary Dillon to join McDonald's as CMO

The president of Quaker Foods President, Mary Dillon, has resigned and will join McDonald’s Corp. as successor to Chief Global Marketing Officer Larry Light, who will retire at year’s end.

PepsiCo Enters U.S Dairy Market Through Joint Venture

PepsiCo and Theo Muller Group launch European-Style premium yogurt -- Muller Quaker Dairy.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Dairy

Quaker Stirs Up The Oatmeal Category

Quaker Oats Co. heats up the oatmeal category with the introduction of two new products and reformulated instant oatmeal.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Grain Products & Cereal

Quaker’s Warm & Crunchy Granola Experiments with Texture

Quaker Oats Co. never fails to deliver nourishment and a wholesome goodness with new and improved Crunchy Granola flavors like Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Almond and Honey Almond.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Grain Products & Cereal

New Food Rollout for February 2006

Hershey's Kissables; Birds Eye’s Herb Garden Collection; Quaker Life with yogurt; DiGiorno’s wheat pizza; Cheez-It Fiesta; Seattle’s Best Coffee at home.

Rollout: March 2007's best new products

March's best new products include: chocolate cereal from Quaker Oats; a Mediterranean blend of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter; a smoother 100 percent wheat bread from Sara Lee; dark chocolate Altoids mints; gourmet Pringles crisps; and zero trans fat shortening from Crisco.

PepsiCo-Muller Joint Venture Yogurt Plant Opens

Muller Quaker Dairy comes on line in Batavia, N.Y.; hoping for LEED certification.

Food Biz Kids: Mixed Grades for Quaker Mix-Up Creations

Our junior high product reviewers liked that they could 'Play with your food without getting punished.'

Food Biz Kids: Quaker Q-Smart Rice Cake Snacks

Our panel of 7th and 8th graders were divided in their assessment of Q-Smart rice cake snacks.

Food Biz Kids: Quaker Mini Delights Score Well with Teens

Eighth graders confirm: 'Teens will eat anything in sight.'

Online Buzz for Quaker True Delights

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Snacks

Quaker Maid sweeps up Steak-Umm name

Division President: Jose Louis Prado, Quaker Foods and Snacks N.A.

Oatmeal Officially Labeled Gluten Free

The millers at Quaker have used their expertise to remove stray grains to deliver high-quality oats that meet FDA standards for gluten-free.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Grain Products & Cereal

Rice-a-Roni Now Available in Single Serve Rice Cups

The Quaker Oats' brand San Francisco treat can now be enjoyed quickly and conveniently thanks to the new microwavable cups.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Packaged/Prepared Foods

Rollout: May 2007's Best New Products

This month's new product rollout features bistro flatbreads from Stouffer's; a groundbreaking, sugar-free stick gum from Wrigley; Diet Coke Plus, a sparkling, calorie-free beverage with vitamins and minerals from Coca-Cola; Hershey's Antioxidant Milk Chocolate; a new instant oatmeal that feels ...

Quaker Oats Rolls Out Indulgent Yogurts for Time-Starved Moms

The dual-compartment Müller Dessert Inspired Yogurt features creamy low-fat yogurt on top of a sweet saucy layer with a side of crunchy goodies.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Snacks

PepsiCo Ends Yogurt Partnership with Muller, Closes Plant

PepsiCo and Muller Group halt production at a Batavia, N.Y., yogurt plant. PepsiCo is exiting the U.S. yogurt market.

PepsiCo Names New CMO For Beverages

Greg Lyons becomes chief marketing officer of PepsiCo's North American beverage unit, replacing Seth Kaufman, who becomes president of North American nutrition.

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Displaying 1-25 of 147 results