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AriZona Beverages Offers Soda Shaq

AriZona Beverages has teamed up with Shaquille O'Neal to launch an all-natural cream soda line.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Beverages

Benchtop analyzer receives an upgrade

Arizona Instrument's benchtop analyzer receives an upgrade

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Laboratory equipment

Arizona Chefs Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Arizona chefs and chef-educators from Northern Arizona University tout the value of foraging for native foods.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. announced Oct. 5 that its new hybrid Ion Trap-Time-of-Flight instrument has received an R&D Magazine '2005 R&D 100 award.'

Emerson Process Management / Brooks Instrument

Emerson Process Management announces the release of two new critical options for its Brooks Instrument Quantim Coriolis family of low-flow measurement products. A Hastelloy C-22 Coriolis sensing tube is available for use in environments encountering corrosive fluids, and the high-pressure option ...

Reotemp Instruments

Reotemp Instruments' new Dual Mode Thermometer (DMT) is a convenient, multipurpose indicator for local and remote temperature monitoring.

Wahl Instruments, Inc.

Wahl Instruments, Inc.

Moisture/Solids Analyzer Receives an Upgrade

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Flow & level measurement

Key Instruments Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

Key Instruments, a division of Brooks Instrument, is celebrating their 50th year anniversary this month.

Coke negotiates to add Arizona teas

Coke, looking for products for health-conscious consumers, is in preliminary talks with Arizona about a deal, which could end up as either an outright acquisition or a distribution deal.

Spectrophotometer Color Measurement Instrument Requires No PC

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas announces the US launch of its next generation color measurement instrument, the CM-5 Spectrophotometer.

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Instrumentation

Clamp Meter Transmits Readings to FLIR IR Cameras

Extech Instruments introduces the new EX845, a 1000A AC/DC CAT IV clamp meter with new MeterLink technology and a built-in infrared thermometer.

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Inspection equipment

CMMS Can be Critical for Safety and Compliance

Maintenance software starts out as a generic tool, but can become a critical instrument for safety and compliance throughout the plant.

Brookfield Instrument Sampler for QC & R&D

This Brookfield Instrument Sampler features the DV3T Rheometer, DV2T Touch Screen Viscometer, RST Controlled Stress Rheometer, CT3 Texture Analyzer, and the PFT Powder Flow Tester.

New Generation of Instruments Deliver Reliable Process Feedback

Technical advances and manufacturer comfort with process instrumentation are dispensing with the need for laboratory tests in favor of in-line and at-line monitoring systems.

Accutech, a division of Adaptive Instruments Corp.

Accutech's new Wireless Level Field Unit is designed to measure hydrostatic level in a vented tank and is available with an integrated sensor or an extended sensor.

Explosion-proof Bluetooth HART modem is designed for smart plant instrument ...

ProComSol's explosion-proof Bluetooth HART modem for smart instrument communication improves safety and reduces costs

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Automation & control systems

Density and Refractive Index Meters Available for Food and Beverage Industry

Mettler Toledo announces the new LiquiPhysics Excellence instruments for density and refractive index determinations within the food and beverage industry.

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Instrumentation

Rescue Water For Fluid Replacement

AriZona Beverage Co.'s new Rescue Water functional beverage is intended to help increase the rate of fluid replacement in active people and also help balance nutrient absorption into the body.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Beverages

Biocontrol Introduces MVP Icon For Monitoring Key HACCP Parameters

BioControl has announced the development of a new instrument and software platform that combines HACCP and hygiene monitoring with powerful program management capabilities.

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Software

New Trend in Wireless Communication May Usher In A New Era For Food ...

Instruments and control going digital, striving for better integration.

Debunk Plant Myths About Diagnostics

Learn how your existing control systems and analog instruments can deliver diagnostic capabilities, at a fraction of the cost of system or instrument replacements.

Plant Instrumentation Showing Positive Impact In Sanitation Process

CIP water and effluent can be controlled with instruments and monitoring systems.

Key Technology Appoints Golden State Food Machinery as Sales Representative ...

Key Technology announced the appointment of Golden State Food Machinery as its exclusive sales representative in California, south of Fresno; Nevada, excluding the Reno metropolitan area; and all of Arizona and Hawaii.

AriZona Beverages Rolls Out New Chocolate Fudge Drink

The sparkling soda contains real chocolate and cream and uses acesulfame potassium and sucralose helps keep calories low.

Category: New Food Products

Product Type: Beverages

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Displaying 1-25 of 160 results