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Lipogen Ltd.

Lipogen Ltd. announces its GRAS-approved Lipogen PS (phosphatidylserine) patented product line. Phosphatidylserine is mostly found in brain cells and is involved in numerous functions of neuronal activity.

Macronutrients and Micronutrients Offer Key Ingredients to Brain Health

For optimum growth, development and maturation, the brain requires adequate protein, essential fatty acids and a variety of micronutrients, not to mention the glucose that serves as fuel.

Food For Thought: Nutrition's Effect on Cognition

The human brain demands energy at a prodigious rate, so it's natural to consider the effect of nutrition on cognition.

Food Ingredients That Prevent Cognitive Decline

Rapidly aging baby boomers demand mental health throughout life.

Footage from Natural Products Expo West 2008

David Feder speaks with Naturex's Jacques Dikansky, Melissa's World's Robert Schueller, Blue California's Cecilia McCollum and Lipogen's David Ruttenberg at this year's Natural Products Expo West

Ingredients to Boost the Brains of Baby Boomers

Omega-3s, tart cherries, phospholipids can keep cognition sharp in old age.

Wellness Foods New Ingredient Profiles: October/November 2007

October/Novembers's nutraceutical ingredient profiles include a monosaccharide sugar, a microencapsulated caffeine, antioxidant green tea extracts and a liquid antioxidant.

Improved Brain Function Now Possible Through New Ingredient

Category: Ingredients

Exhibitors Display Their New and Innovative Products at the 2009 IFT Show

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Displaying 1-9 of 9 results