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Unified RF Control Simplifies Inventory for Food Processors

Goff's Enterprises' RF Control allows all Goff Door Products to use the same family of RF transmitters.

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Material handling

Low-Power Wi-Fi Sensor Networking Module Enables Build Out of Wireless Local ...

Analog and Digital I/O, Auto Reporting and Sleeping Allow Simple Integration into Battery Operated Sensor Nodes That Makes Use of Existing Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) Infrastructure

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Software

RF and conventional ID technology join for end-to-end tracking and analysis

Goff's Enhances High Torque to G2 3600E Operator

Goff's Enterprises has recently enhanced its G2 3600E operator with high torque improvements.

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Motors & drives

It's Time for Open RFID

The software industry had Linux. What will RFID users have to "open" up their systems? It's time to put enabling technology in the hands of the masses, argues Daniel Deavours.

New Pasteurization Processes Give Food Companies Options

Thermal pasteurization systems continue to improve, giving food and beverage processors an expanding universe of alternative treatments that align with changing market demands.

Equipment Designed With Sanitation In Mind Can Ease Processors' FSMA ...

Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of food-handling machines and equipment is a requirement, but the task becomes easier and faster when upfront consideration is given to sanitary design.

SmarTerminal Computers Inc.

SmartMate-RF13 offers the industry's first RFID handheld computer with internal RFID antenna and/or 1D Barcode scanner. SmartMate-2D offers integrated 2D imaging capabilities capable or reading two-dimensional matrix codes as well as omni-directional 1D bar codes.

Gainco Inc.

The new dual-indexing bulking and batching system from Gainco, Inc. is designed to optimize meat and poultry packing operations.

VarTech Systems Inc.

VarTech Systems has introduced the VTPC150SE all-in-one monitor and computer. This completely sealed system can survive in the harshest wash-down environments.

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Displaying 1-11 of 11 results