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Unified RF Control Simplifies Inventory for Food Processors

Goff's Enterprises' RF Control allows all Goff Door Products to use the same family of RF transmitters.

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Material handling

Goff's Enhances High Torque to G2 3600E Operator

Goff's Enterprises has recently enhanced its G2 3600E operator with high torque improvements.

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Motors & drives

Low-Power Wi-Fi Sensor Networking Module Enables Build Out of Wireless Local ...

Analog and Digital I/O, Auto Reporting and Sleeping Allow Simple Integration into Battery Operated Sensor Nodes That Makes Use of Existing Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) Infrastructure

Category: Equipment

Product Type: Software

RF Monolithics

VarTech Systems Inc.

VarTech Systems has introduced the VTPC150SE all-in-one monitor and computer. This completely sealed system can survive in the harshest wash-down environments.

Gainco Inc.

The new dual-indexing bulking and batching system from Gainco, Inc. is designed to optimize meat and poultry packing operations.

SmarTerminal Computers Inc.

SmartMate-RF13 offers the industry's first RFID handheld computer with internal RFID antenna and/or 1D Barcode scanner. SmartMate-2D offers integrated 2D imaging capabilities capable or reading two-dimensional matrix codes as well as omni-directional 1D bar codes.

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Displaying 1-6 of 6 results