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Dave Fusaro Food ProcessingDave Fusaro is the Editor in Chief of Food Processing magazine. In Editor's Plate, Dave opines about the food and beverage industry as well as the state of business affairs and other topics helpful to the food and beverage industry.  Learn more about Dave and his background in our Contact Us section.

Editor's Plate: STEMming the Tide

More work needs to be done to attract millennials to your food and your plants.

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief
Jul 13, 2015

I think our cover nicely illustrates an issue all food and beverage companies already are dealing with that’s only going to get worse: the attraction of good, young talent in an age when pure technology is hotter. Maybe what it doesn’t show is the attendant problem that millennials – and that’s the age group we’re talking about – have probably the lowest perception of the food and beverage industry than any previous generation.

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