Voices: Market View

John StantonMarket View, written by John Stanton, Ph.D, takes on the marketing side of the food and beverage business. John is a professor of food marketing at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia and the editor of two food journals. He wrote the popular Market View column for Food Processing for many years until December 2005, when he asked to take a few years off. All rested up now, he's back with a monthly column on the marketing side of the business.

Market View: A Glimpse Into the Future Employees of America

What I've learned about this next generation of food and beverage marketers.

By John Stanton, Contributing Editor
Jan 28, 2015

Marketview legs on table My fall semester is over and I've had a chance to review what the new generation of food marketing job seekers will look like. I'm trying to be as objective as possible, as I clearly remember my father saying that our nation would fall apart when those long-haired hippies take over our business and government.

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