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John StantonMarket View, written by John Stanton, Ph.D, takes on the marketing side of the food and beverage business. John is a professor of food marketing at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia and the editor of two food journals. He wrote the popular Market View column for Food Processing for many years until December 2005, when he asked to take a few years off. All rested up now, he's back with a monthly column on the marketing side of the business.

Market View: Spend Your Marketing Budget Only Where it Works

With every expenditure, ask yourself: Did this strengthen our brand?

By John Stanton, Contributing Editor
Nov 28, 2016

I love TV commercials. While many people speed past commercials, I watch them. However, I do not understand how any company can justify the amount of money spent on advertising during the Super Bowl. I know all the justifications about the audience size, post-advertising spill-over and PR, etc. But advertising should be a precious opportunity to communicate with consumers about how our brands are perfect for them.

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