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2018 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey Results

Salaries and satisfaction among food and beverage employees are sliding a little, according to our annual survey.

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Salaries are edging downward, so is job satisfaction, and people are evenly divided on President Trump.Those are some of the key takeaways from Food Processing’s 12th annual Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey. The online poll probed nearly 400 employees in the food and beverage sector on both salaries and attitudes.Salaries averaged out to $97,259, a drop of 3.2 percent from our 2017 survey. The median salary did go up a level, reaching $87,500, compared with $85,000 in 2016—perhaps a reflection of higher salaries clustering slightly at the top.Job satisfaction also seems to be down slightly, or at least leveling off, depending on how you look at it. Only 16…

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