Food Biz Kids: Bright and 'out there'

Kudos for graphics on Kraft Cheese Nips Salsa & Cheddar


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Kraft Cheese Nips, Salsa & Cheddar Doubles

Nabisco Division, Kraft Foods North America, Northfield, Ill.

Ben Goldman, 7th grade:

Salsa & Cheddar Nips are phenomenal; the salsa gives them a certain zing, and the cheese does the rest. They look appealing on the colorful box, with crackers to match. The texture is delightfully light and they make me want the whole world to have them. Rating: 9/10

Claire Z. McFadden, 7th grade:

Red hot peppers! This product is way too spicy for my taste. It isn't that spicy, but I don't think cheese crackers should be spicy. I like the box; it's bright and ,'out there,' but this product is not needed. It's fatty and very salty. I would not recommend it to anyone else.

Monique Brown, 7th grade:

They are square and have a smooth texture. They're red and orange and have a nasty salsa taste. The seasoning on the crackers makes them a little bumpy. I don't think they're that good.

Ricardo Green, 7th grade:

I think the Cheese Nips are delicious. I love the taste that it gives you. It's just like eating the Lunchables with crackerS, cheese and salsa when you dip it in them and eat.

Omar Valencia, 7th grade:

Great tasting mixture of cheese and salsa; it's really good. I may buy some of these, but they need more salt. These are good, and I mean good.

Amanda Kopka, 7th grade:

The packaging looks really fun and bright ,- like something I would buy. They taste really good. I would go out and buy these. They aren't really spicy; they're mild and the cheese adds a nice flavor. I think this is a necessary product because there aren't a lot of other products like it.

Jamal Johnson, 7th grade:

These Cheese Nips are horrible. Now, I will give the product a good rating for the box cover. The Nips are really bad because of the mix. It would be better if the salsa and cheddar were separate (picture of two separate crackers). It wouldn't be too bad if these were introduced into the world.

Amber Allen, 7th grade:

The box is very original, the same as always. It's very appealing to me, and it should appeal to all kids. The taste is amazing!! It tastes just like Cheese Nips dipped in salsa (one of my favorites). The texture is crunchy, but not too crunchy. It's fine with braces; it doesn't get stuck in them.

Brittany Pointer, 7th grade:

They taste like cheese and salsa. They're crunchy and they taste good.

Krago B., 7th grade:

If I saw this box, I would take it in a second. I would be very sad buying this; it's disgusting. The texture is good though. Some people would like this product , crazy, disgusting people.

Jonathan Garcia, 7th grade:

I think the Nips taste O.K., but they're kind of salty. I don't blame the guy who made them. Probably other people will like them.

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