Food Biz Kids: Nice and squashy

It's a healthy snack that also tastes great

Quaker Fruit & Oatmeal Iced Raspberry - cereal bars

Quaker Oats Co., Chicago, Ill.


Hannah Kaplan, 7th grade:

I like the packaging of the cereal bars. The orange-red color is good because it draws your eyes - it's bright and reflective. I think that the word 'Iced' should be bigger because the icing is the good part. What I really like about it is that it's a healthy snack that also tastes great. I have tasted the plain cereal bars before - with no icing - but I like these better. They have much more of a sweet flavor to them. I really enjoyed the bar.


Lee Williams, 7th grade:

This product is good for people who want to be healthy. It's low-fat and an excellent source of calcium. The wrapper is red and shiny. The texture is not so good. Its taste is sweet, and it doesn't have any aftertaste. It reminds me of other cereal bars and looks like a brownie. I would not buy this product. It would be better if they put in cookies and cream.


Taylor Epskamp, 7th grade:

The bar is pretty good food. I don't think it is necessary, but the brightly colored wrapping does attract some attention. The texture is soft and chewy; it also has a little crunch because of the drizzle of vanilla icing. Over all, I would say it will do OK, but Quaker might make more money if it puts the individual bars on sale next to the candy bars.


Ted Kathrein, 7th grade:


It's very tasty, nice and squashy, with a yummy berry filling and icing on the top. And I really like the shiny wrapper. I would definitely buy this product at the store.


Ana Grahovac, 7th grade:

The cereal bar tastes very sweet. It's soft and tastes like raspberries. It has a rough texture with smooth icing on top, and it's soft and chewy. I think it is a necessary product because it keeps people from getting bored with cereal bars. It's great that something new and exciting comes out once in a while. This is perfect as a quick breakfast, and it's very healthy, too.


Patrice Easun, 8th grade:

The packaging is very original. The taste is sweet and the texture is smooth. It reminds me of Nutri-Grain bars. I would definitely buy these if I saw them at the store.


Raphael Mendoza, 8th grade:

The packaging is alright; it looks good. The texture is alright, and it tastes good. Yeah, I think it's necessary because it's good and it gets you started in the morning.  


Taureen Maupin, 8th grade:

The taste is sweet and tarty. Texture is soft and easy to chew. The bright red packaging is very appealing.


Alex Spielman, 8th grade:

I think the packaging is appealing; it looks nice. The bar tastes really good. The raspberry fruit tastes really good. The texture is smooth and soft. It's a necessary product. I think it is good if you are in a hurry and can't eat at home.


Justin Walker, 7th grade:

I think it's awesome. It tastes good, the texture is smooth and rough and it's cool. The bar itself is s little hard to open and it needs more color.



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