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Food Biz Kids: Pasties are best for adults

'Maybe it’s an acquired taste.'

By Diane Toops, News & Trends Editor

James Ono, 7th grade:
It tastes like nacho cheese with pepper flavoring. I don’t really like it, but I think it would be good for most everyone except me. The texture is thick and creamy. It smells zesty. It would be good for parties. If you want to make it taste more interesting, add some Gordo’s Cheese Dip. The packaging looks Mexican and exciting; if I saw it, I would buy it. I think this is for teenagers and adults. It looks cool, but is kind of an acquired taste.

Alana Swanson, 7th grade:
This was actually pretty good. It tastes cheesy and like carrots. It’s soft, not hard and icky. It also smells like carrots cheese and bread. The packaging is pretty plain; I would make it more colorful. I think this product is geared toward adults, or children who like this sort of product.

Itamar Menuhin, 7th grade:
I look at Veg ‘n Cheese Supreme Pasty and I see simplicity. It is OK to open and has only plastic wrap and a sticker. Of course, that means you can see the food itself, so it’s all right. But it sure does stink. It smells like a mixture of rotten eggs and sour milk. Ewu! I take a bite. Overall, it’s pretty nice with onion overruling the other flavors. It’s soft and chewable. It is perfect for adults who need nice food on the run. Just don’t let it get cold.

Veg ‘n Cheese Supreme Pasty
Beef Pasty, Beef with Rutabaga
Pasty, Italian Style Pasty
Pasty Shop, Oconto, Wis.
Outress Trevino, 7th grade:
It tastes too much like vegetables, which is bad because kids won’t want it. So the only people left to buy it are grown-ups, who probably won’t like the packaging. If food was [judged on] texture, then it would be good.

Claire McFadden, 7th grade:
The packaging is definitely nothing special. The actual pie isn’t either. You can taste the chunks of cauliflower and the pie doesn’t heat up well. The texture is kind of mushy and the crust is doughy and not crispy at all.

Morris Greco, 7th grade:
When I first got it, it smelled pretty good. But when I put it in my mouth, no, it’s not so good. It’s probably because I don’t like carrots. The packaging is good and I think this would be good for a quick snack.

Eric Janicki, 7th grade:
I don’t like it at all. The packaging is horrible. It tastes like a vegetarian Hot Pocket.

Kaesha Burnett, 7th grade:
It tastes good. The texture is great – soft and chewy. But the packaging stinks. I think everyone would like this product.

Leslie Robin, 7th grade:
The pasty has a smooth and thin crust and it’s slimy good inside. It smells like cooked carrots and potatoes. The crust is really good and isn’t too sweet like most pastry crust. It’s delicious, and I would definitely eat it again. I think this product is geared toward older kids and adults. Although the packaging is dull, it’s also see-through, so you can see what’s inside. My only suggestion is to make the packaging a little more attention grabbing and colorful.

If you have a new product you want to test on our 7th- and 8th-grade panelists, contact Diane Toops at or (630) 467-1300, ext. 321.

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