Food Biz Kids: An anytime drink

Adding bubbles to juice is a good idea.

By Diane Toops, News & Trends Editor

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Claire McFadden, 7th grade:
The apple tastes very strong, but the bubbles and carbonated taste practically overtake the apple flavor. I don’t like the idea that you need it to be served cold, with ice. I do like the label though; it’s bright, fun and attractive. Adding bubbles to juice is a good idea. Kids will like the taste, and since it is pretty good for you, the world does need it. A healthy alternative is always a good thing. I say, go Juice on the Loose!

Juice on the Loose
Lemon, Peach, Wildberry and Apple
Juice on the Loose LLC, New York

Chris Graham, 7th grade:
I tried the lemon flavor. The bottle is easy to open, though you should be careful not to shake it. It’s odd for lemonade because it’s fizzy. You can taste pineapple in it as well as lemon. It doesn’t taste as good as organic lemonade, but for the cost difference it is a good deal.

Melanie Rivera, 7th grade:
I think the idea of sparkling juice is a cool idea. The apple has an interesting zing to it. The peach one tastes fake, but surprisingly delicious. The lemon is atrocious and the wildberry is OK. I like the fruits with hands on the label. It’s a healthier alternative to pop.

Krago Barjaktarevic, 7th grade:
The label is stupid, at least for me, but kids under the age of nine might like it. Any product that has 100 percent vitamin C is not going to be good. 100 percent vitamin C and it fizzes – I don’t think that’s normal. The taste is OK, and you get to eat the bubbles on top. Otherwise, it tastes just like wildberry, which I don’t like.

Janet Patino, 7th grade:
Apple is my favorite because it tastes good and fresh and sweet. The part that I like is it has bubbles. I think people should buy this because it’s very good and tasty.

Itamar Menuhin, 7th grade:
I look at the bottle -- [it has pictures of] fruit men? Not good. Except for that, it’s good. You can easily tell what it’s supposed to taste like, how much is in there, and the bottle is easily grabable. Now the big moment! Hmmm … totally fizzy. The taste isn’t that good. It sticks in my throat. It’s strangely addicting -- but not bad for you. Do not unleash this on the world.

Katherine Reifler, 7th grade:
I really like the bottle. It’s big, so you don’t run out, and it makes the juice look a little fancier. The label is cute. I especially like the berries on the wildberry drink. I like how the drink is a little fizzy. I don’t usually like juice, but with the carbonation, I really like the taste. I would buy this any day.

Ariana Dennison, 7th grade:
Juice on the Loose is OK. Peach is really good, and the bottle looks cool. You can get younger kids and teens to drink this. The only thing wrong is the aftertaste, but I think this drink will go far.

Hannah Burson, 7th grade:
I tried lemon and it’s pretty good. It could have more lemon in it, but I like the fact it’s carbonated. This is a good product; it has a lot of sugar but no fat. The label is good, too. I would definitely buy this.

Melanie Marquez, 7th grade:
Juice on the Loose is an anytime drink. It combines seltzer and juice together; they make super seltzer juice. It has an odd aftertaste, but it’s good while you drink it. This is too bubbly for me. I wish they’d put it in every store because it’s good – especially the wildberry.

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