February 2005 Ingredient Round-Up - Savory Flavors

Pepper extracts and flavorings, twists on soy sauce and other spicy selections make up this savory smorgasbord.

Pepper, watercress and celery
There are three additions to the savory range of Treattarome FTNF (from the named food) aqueous natural distillates. Roasted Bell Pepper Treattarome 9810, Watercress Treattarome 9820 and Celery Treattarome 9790 impart fresh top notes to create distinct savory flavor profiles for many food systems. The Roasted Bell Pepper flavor is produced from fresh green, red and yellow peppers, provides a typical, roasted, capsicum flavor with grilled and astringent top notes. Watercress is distilled from fresh watercress grown in the U.S. Its powerful green, peppery and astringent cress notes are accompanied by background traits of butter, potato and onion. Celery has a leafy and exceptionally fresh, sulphur character with balanced green, nutty and creamy undertones.
Treatt USA; Lakeland, Fla.
863-668-9500; www.treatt.com

Piquante pepper
The piquante pepper is a small, delicate, red fruit indigenous to South Africa. The vendor claims it’s the first new fruit to enter the market since the kiwi went worldwide in 1978. Its flavor is described as “not too hot and not too sweet,” with just the right impact and bite to heighten the ordinary and make it special. The vendor is initially marketing this flavor for beverage applications.
Symrise Inc.; Teterboro, N.J.
201-462-2389; www.symrise.com

Zesty and smoky
Zesti-Smoke flavors allow formulators to replace the traditional smoking process without sacrificing flavor, color or browning. It’s available in three flavors: mixed hardwood, hickory and mesquite. Also in three base forms: aqueous, oil-based and powder. Further processing yields a range of smoke products in a variety of strengths. They also act as antioxidants, retarding off-notes, and as preservatives.
Mastertaste/Kerry Group; Teterboro, N.J.
888-547-8844; www.mastertaste.com

Focus on soy sauce
Savory products galore, including new products such as freeze-dried miso and salted mirin, can be found in the vendor’s industrial brochure. The company offers more forms of liquid and dehydrated, naturally brewed soy sauce products in than any company in the world, the vendor claims, as well as dehydrated teriyaki sauce and NFE-S, a natural flavor enhancer made from fermented wheat protein.
Kikkoman International; San Francisco
415-956-7750; www.kikkoman-usa.com

Mushroom extracts add smoke
Mushroom flavor products have applications in meatless food products. Flavors are available in powders, bouillon, and concentrates. Varieties include Mushroom Extract Powder (2103 – an extract of the Champignon Mushroom) providing a mild mushroom aroma with a full, clean, non-earthy flavor; Shiitake Powder (2106 – dried Shiitake Mushroom heads and stems ground to a fine powder) providing a smoky, woody mushroom flavor; and Shiitake Extract Powder (2111 – extract of dried Shiitake Mushroom stems and heads) providing a smoky, woody flavor.
Nikken Foods Co.; St. Louis
636-532-1019; www.nikkenfoods.com

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