March 2005 Equipment Round-Up - X-ray and Metal Detection

Entry-level X-ray
The Sentry XR, being sold under the Cintex brand, is an entry-level X-ray inspection unit suited for smaller products measuring a maximum of 8 in. wide by 3 in. high. The vendor claims this unit costs half of traditional X-ray units. Ideal applications are smaller profile products in high-speed applications, including candy bars, individual baked goods, small frozen meal components and pharmaceutical blister packs. It’s especially useful for products that use aluminum foil in the packaging, which can throw off metal detectors. It incorporates a new, low-power X-ray source to maximize inspection capability while keeping costs to a minimum.
Loma Systems; Carol Stream, Ill.

X-rays and weighs
The Eagle Combo uses X-ray technology to provide check-weighing and metal detection capabilities in one compact system at costs comparable to conventional metal detector/check-weigher combinations. In addition to a low base model price of $32,000, the unit allows customers to reduce maintenance and spare parts costs by replacing two systems with one. It features the company’s MultiTask software, which allows inspection of products for non-metallic contaminants such as glass, rock and bone, as well as for product anomalies including weight, size and shape variances and missing or broken product.
Smiths Heimann; Alcoa, Tenn.

New screen for detectors
The Metron 05 Touch-Screen Controller features a backlit touch-screen display with an oscilloscope function that shows the signals coming from metal detector sensing coils. Viewing the signals makes adjusting detector sensitivity, time delays and product compensation easier and more precise. The easy-clean screen displays operating information and allows settings to be input on its numeric keypad. The compact unit features reliable single-board design and can be used with all Bunting Metron C series metal detectors.
Bunting Magnetics; Newton, Kan.

Pushbutton learning
The Goring Kerr DSP 3 metal detector learns new applications with the push of a button. Critical operations like mode of operation, auto tracking, sensitivity level, bulk effect and self-monitoring of performance are all completed by pushbutton. Audit Check automatic performance verification ensures the performance of the unit is constantly measured, and abnormalities are immediately reported. The unit is available as a complete conveyor unit, pipeline unit, drop-through unit, pharmaceutical unit or for custom application solutions.
Thermo Electron; Minneapolis

The dry phantom
The Phantom series is specially designed for inspecting large bags of dry products, such as grain, flour, food additives and other ingredients. Easy to set up and using digital signal processing, they provide accurate, on-line detection of products and packaging contaminated with ferrous and nonferrous tramp metal, including stainless steel, as small as 2 mm. The units are constructed of epoxy-coated aluminum and have high-impact, 24-in. wide conveyor belts and modular electronics.
Fortress Technology; Scarborough, Ontario

EZ does it
The E-Z Tec DSP metal detector combines an easy-to-use 4 x 5-in. (1/4 VGA) touchscreen interface along with advanced digital signal processing to provide detailed analysis and reporting for process applications. The standard three-coil aperture arrangement sends a signal to the unit’s control for digital processing. The use of digital signal processing aids in detection of metallic contaminants particularly in wet or conductive products such as meats and cheese.
Eriez Magnetics, Erie, Pa.

More frequencies
The Met 30+ 3f triple frequency detector operates at low, medium and high crystal-controlled frequencies. Its automatic frequency selection chooses which is optimal for each application, most of which will be on conveyors. The Pipeline version detects and rejects all types of metallic contaminants in pumped products such jams, sauces, soups, sausage meat, etc. The unit is fully waterproof, sealed to IP-66 and modular in design to permit easy servicing.
Lock Inspection Systems; Fitchburg, Mass.

X-ray plus weight
The T10 X-ray inspection system is the next generation in end-of-line packaging inspection systems. It has a newly designed interface with simplified operator input controls. Key features include the ability to inspect products and packages for contaminants including all metals, stone and glass. Additionally, the unit offers basic mass assessment for weight and package content inspection.
Safeline Inc.; Tampa, Fla.

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