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Food Biz Kids: Nestle Toll House Candy Bars

Putting the brownie on the inside is a great idea.

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

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Sarah Peters, 7th grade:
Nestle Toll House Candy Bars with Rich Brownie have a very interesting package. It’s a bright yellow wrapper with a little purple, and the purple accents the yellow nicely. It’s easy to open, which is a plus; I hate it when candy wrappers are hard to open. The candy itself is tasty and heavenly. It’s a combination of caramel, brownie and chocolate chips coated with chocolate. They are very chewy, but you need a lot of milk to wash them down. They’re very dense. I’m not really sure if the world needs a product like this. We already have a lot of candy bars. However, they’re a nice grab-and-go snack.

Nedezh Mulholland, 7th grade:
I think these bars have a unique taste, while still not being too strange or out of the ordinary. I like how this is like a normal candy bar with variations, such as the inside being brownies. They look, taste and smell appealing. Anyone interested in candy bars should not hesitate to try these. The packaging is OK. It’s not awful, and it certainly isn’t unappealing, but it doesn’t send the message of a candy bar. The shape and length of the individual bar does not much resemble that of a typical candy bar. Overall, Nestle Toll House Candy Bars are a great product!

Aaron Damashek, 7th grade:
This candy bar’s wrapper is terrible; it’s so plain! No explosions or things jumping out at you. The candy isn’t great either. It doesn’t taste rich, and the caramel isn’t a caramelly consistency.

Tonia Doby, 7th grade:
The packaging isn’t that appealing - just a yellow bag that is real easy to pass up in the large grocery stores. The candy bar looks like a typical chocolate bar, but when I break off a piece - ooh la la! The creamy caramel stretches, then breaks. The brownie-filled middle is soft and chewy. The chocolate coating is heavy and filling. When I put the bar in my mouth, it tastes like a little piece of heaven. It is very good and sweet.

Yosra Yehia, 7th grade:
Yuck! It’s OK, I guess. I mean the aftertaste is terrible. The chocolate needs more milk. Also, it’s really dry; try making them more creamy. The wrappers are nice and easy to open - so keep those.

Ashley Killerbrew, 7th grade:
On a cold day at school, all I need is a rich taste. This candy bar is just the thing. Its rich taste with milk chocolate is great. This snack is a good little snack to eat on long car rides or as an after-school snack.

Jason Goodnight, 7th grade:
I like the package. It’s tight and secure and easy to open. As I look at it, I think its targeted to children because of all the chocolate. It tastes great, and there’s an explosion of chocolate. Putting the brownie on the inside is a great idea; it’s a big factor to the taste.

Madeline Adler, 7th grade:
This is heavenly! The packaging is entrancing and bright, and the individual bars are easy to open. The bars have a velvety texture; the caramel is smooth and delicious and really sets off the brownie. The whole thing is framed in a wonderful lay of chocolate. It’s a great treat!

Max Mosky, 7th grade:
This rich chocolate caramel brownie has terrible, unappetizing packaging; it needs more color. But the rich chocolate and the chewy outside make it worthwhile. This is the perfect easy-to-go brownie. It’s needed in the world, although you need something to drink it down with.

Bryanna Carbajal, 7th grade:
Yum! Tastes like something just exploded in my mouth. Man! This stuff is sooo good and nice for a snack. I don’t think the wrapper is really attractive; it needs another color. Other than that, it’s excellent!

Cassy Cardos, 7th grade:
Nestle Toll House Candy Bars with Rich Brownie are way out of this world! They are so great; a kid would ask their parents for more every time they are finished. The packaging is easy (to open) and very appealing. The chocolate melts in your mouth. When it’s in your mouth, you can taste the caramel and chocolate chips. The brownie they developed is terrific!

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