April 2005 Equipment Round-Up - Packaging

Our packaging materials round-up includes an array of solutions for your packaging challenges.

Oxygen absorbers
Shelfplus O2 oxygen absorbers are incorporated in multilayer packaging without major changes in the package design or fabrication equipment. These "active" barrier materials are able to absorb unwanted oxygen in polyolefin packaging, and they enable packaging of oxygen-sensitive products when plastic packaging is used. It's a moisture-activated system that works most effectively with products that have a relative humidity of 70 percent or higher.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals; Tarrytown, N.Y.

A bag worth roasting
Jennie-O oven-ready frozen turkeys now come in Kenylon Pak & Cook Bags that evenly roast the poultry while browning the skin, retaining juices and eliminating clean up. The perfectly browned turkey can be removed from the bag easily without stripping the skin due to the stick resistance engineered in. Features of the product include the Kenylon mono-layer film that resists breakage and withstands high temperatures (up to 480°F), a unique shape fits around the turkey and the "browning gap" that forms during cooking to provide uniform browning.
KNF Corp.; Tamaqua, Pa.

Lid with a-peel
EZ Peel opening technology gives consumers easier access to products while processors have the ability to control the lid's peel characteristics. Its proprietary sealant widens the lid's processing window by +/- 15°F  while preventing "lock up" seals associated with other forms of peelable lidding. The retortable lid withstands the retort process while maintaining superior moisture and barrier protection.
Curwood Inc.; Oshkosh, Wis.

Eliminate the labeling step
New technology is producing eye-catching, competitively priced plastic containers decorated by IML injection. Unlike Flexography or dry offset printing, IML uses a preprinted polypropylene label that is placed into the mold, the mold is closed and melted plastic is injected. The heat causes the label to become part of the container. This process results in superior quality rendering of photos and tones, allows for a broader printing area, guarantees that the label is always straight and never curls, and eliminates the additional labeling step from the production line.
IPL Inc.; Saint-Damien, Quebec

Natural-looking and versatile
Kraftpak is an unbleached folding carton board with a clean, natural look that gives products a homemade image. It supports demanding print-production techniques and accepts die-cutting, scoring and poly-window adhesives. It is available with polycoating on one or both sides of the board and holds up well to environmental stresses. The product is manufactured using FDA-compliant components, making it suitable for direct contact with many foods. It also has cost and efficiency advantages over higher-density paperboards, including delivering more cartons per ton with comparable tear strength and stiffness.
Meadwestvaco Corp.; Stamford, Conn.

Puncture-resistant bags
The exceptional puncture-resistance of Vector 80 High Abuse Plastic Shrink Bags makes them suitable for bone-in, case-ready meat and poultry products. These custom printable high-abuse bags have good oxygen and moisture barrier properties and offer lower leak rates and outstanding shelf life. They resist tearing by sharp, abrasive surfaces without costly bone guard cloths, caps or boats, and they eliminate patches and diaper wraps. The vendor claims this is the only high-abuse vacuum bag that is suitable for cook-in applications like steam or water cooking barbecued pork or beef ribs and whole turkeys at the processor.
Vector Packaging; Oak Brook, Ill.

Durable disposable containers
Fresh-Lock disposable containers come in many shapes and sizes and are attractive, durable and reusable. They are available in colors, and you can customize the container bases and lids with your logo, graphics and marketing message. Since the containers are safe in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher, your marketing message stays in the consumer's home throughout the life of the product. These versatile containers have a high perceived value that increases the shelf presence of your brand.
Alcoa/Presto Products Co.; Appleton, Wis.

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