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Cinnamon Roll Pop-Tarts

Food Biz Kids review new Cinnamon Toast flavor Pop-Tarts.

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

Will Farrow, 7th grade:
Your Cinnamon Roll Pop-Tarts are an excellent treat on the go or for breakfast. The top could use a bit more frosting, but the sweet flaky taste could please anybody who wants a new treat. The flavors blend in your mouth to create a wholesome treat. The packaging is very nice, and your slogan is catchy and clever.

Shira Marks, 7th grade:
Cinnamon Roll Pop Tarts are very good. They really do taste like cinnamon rolls, a feat not easily accomplished by something flat. The filling is gooey but good, with a flaky cookie outside and a small bit of white frosting on the top. I would not recommend it for that wholesome breakfast, but for an afternoon snack, it is very good.

Henry Fordney, 7th grade:
Although kind of plain, the packaging is pretty good. They smell very appetizing like a cinnamon roll. They also taste great on the inside, but the crust needs some work. It needs to be moist and not soggy. This is a very good food to have in the morning because it’s very fast and easy. I think it’s an essential fast breakfast.

Maddie Corydon, 7th grade:
The packaging is very creative and eye-catching. The taste isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. You can barely taste the cinnamon filling, because the outer layer overpowers the taste. The texture of the frosting on the top is interesting and reminds me of a cinnamon roll. I think the S’mores flavor was crazy enough for one breakfast treat.

Devandrew Johnson, 7th grade:
The packaging is not too appealing. You need to make the packages bigger and more colorful. It tastes fine and smells like cookies, but what it really needs is more color, something to drink with it and more in a package.

Aine Burke, 7th grade:
The actual product looks nothing like the example on the box. The crust is dull and flavorless and the filling does little to satisfy a hungry stomach. The frosting seems only to be an attempted visual appeal and adds nothing to the taste.

Ben Newman, 7th grade:
I really like the new flavor. It tastes kind of like S’mores. For some reason, it also tastes a bit like maple syrup. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Taylor Madison, 7th grade:
The packaging is sort of stupid with the cinnamon rolls on the box. It tastes really good with a really good aftertaste. It needs to be more moist, and put more white frosting on the pastry.

Richard Kyle Peach, 7th grade:
It tastes and smells like a cinnamon roll dipped in applesauce. The world needs this product because it’s easy to make and is a quick breakfast with an easy-open package that even a child could open.

Wendy Vocevic, 7th grade:
The packaging is very appealing with a lot of interesting illustrations and it’s colorful. It tastes very good – sweet like a cookie with frosting on it.

Jane Hohman, 7th grade:
These tasty breakfast treats are very good! I like all the fun pop-out colors on the packaging. The swirl in the middle looks just a cinnamon roll and attracts attention. In your mouth, these Pop-Tarts are a combination of crunchy and moist textures – a perfect mix. I think this flavor will do very well with kids of all ages.

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