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May 2005 Equipment Round-Up - Pumps and Valves

This round-up showcases offerings from nine key vendors.

A true fit

Tru-Fit pumps offer self-aligning shafts; eliminate high maintenance costs resulting from shaft misalignment; come in a variety of horsepower and gear ratios; and reduce baseplate length by an average of 20-25 percent. In addition, they offer improved cleanability over traditional pump packages and have an optional stainless steel base.

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell/SPX Process Equipment; Delavan, Wis.


Cleanable three ways

The new SteriLobe pump series is a hygienic positive displacement pump for food, beverage and biopharm applications. It includes front-loading seal access, making seal removal easy. The removable rotorcase and optional O-ring are ideal for COP (strip-clean) operations. For CIP or SIP cleaning, the pump comes standard with a hygienic mechanical seal.

Viking Pump Inc.; Cedar Falls, Iowa

Wobbly stator

The line of “wobble-stator” pumps for general and commercial pumping are designed to significantly reduce the price of progressive cavity pumps and repair parts. The pumps have higher volumetric efficiencies than previous designs, and the stators have a dedicated “flexing-zone” separate from the geometry. Capacities to 10 USGPM and pressures to 175 psi are offered.

Seepex Inc.; Enon, Ohio


Valve with PID control

The Type 2031 diaphragm valve with the Type 1067 PID controller/positioner handles abrasive, high-viscosity, polluted and/or dirty fluids within the food processing industry. The valve combines superb flow characteristics with flow rates higher than those permitted by conventional diaphragm valves. Flow curves are programmable in linear, equal percentage or freely programmable modes. The system is CE-certified.

Burkert; Irvine, Calif.



Progressive cavity

L-Frame pumps are versatile, with a standard flange, modular design with a simple pin-type universal joint assembly for easy maintenance. They have a variety of drive options, sealing configurations, motors and controls. Additional features include non-pulsating metered flow, quiet, vibration-free operation, low shear, viscosities to 1 million cps and capacities to 450 gpm.

Moyno Inc.; Springfield, Ohio


Contamination-free pumping

The SPX line of pumps has a unique design allowing the pumped media to be contained within the tube, eliminating “dirt” pockets where residue accumulates and bacteria can multiply, thus providing a contamination-free pumping solution. The peristaltic hose pumps are virtually maintenance free, with no expensive seals to replace, no check valves to clog and no rotors and stators to wear out.

Watson-Marlow Bredel; Wilmington, Mass.


Injection accuracy

Industrial syringe pumps provide accurate metering of liquids at constant output pressures and constant output flow irrespective of the viscosity of the fluid. Syringes are available as simplex, duplex and tri-plex for batch and continuous duty operation. User-friendly controls make it easy to set temperature, pressure and flow parameters with alarms and system messages displayed on the integral LCD monitor.

PDC Machines; Warminster, Pa.


Sanitary gear pump

The CleanGear sanitary gear pump features a patented stainless steel COP design that requires no tools for disassembly or cleaning and provides up to 6 GPM flow rates with a wide range of viscosities, pressures and temperatures. The pump is ideal for dairy and food product applications.

Niagara Pump; Tonawanda, N.Y.


Adding bulk materials

The BSP 150 (bulk solids pump) is for feeding bulk material utilizing positive displacement action. Free-flowing materials are fed with accuracy, offering uniform discharge, consistent volume and gentle handling. With no pockets or screws and only one moving part, the compact BSP feeder is cleaned in seconds, making it ideal for applications with frequent material changes.

K-Tron Feeder Group; Pitman, N.J.

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