Mrs. Fields Decadent Chocolate Grahams

Seventh- and eighth-grade students taste Mrs. Fields Decadent Chocolate Grahams and most give a thumbs-up.

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

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Mrs. Fields Decadent Chocolate Grahams
Mrs. Fields Original Cookies Inc.,
Tulsa, Okla.

Ghufran Mohamed, 8th grade:
Mrs. Field's Decadent Chocolate Grahams smell really chocolaty, taste like mint chocolate, and the texture is very crunchy. The packaging looks very sophisticated. The world needs a product like this because it is chocolate, some people like mint chocolate and it's delicious.

Sally Decker, 8th grade:
The packaging on this product is good, and the cookies are good, too. The chocolate combines well with the crunchy crackers. However, I think it would be better with more sweet chocolate. The chocolate tastes a little bit bitter. Anyone who likes cookies would love these; they are good and decadent.

Matthew D. English, IV, 7th grade:
The chocolate grahams are really good. They smell kind of weird but taste good. There's not much added sugar either. Overall, I'd give these a seven out of 10.

Shannon Kelly, 8th grade:
The outside of the cookie is chocolaty and looks like the top of a cake. When I opened the package, I could immediately smell the rich chocolate smell. When I put it in my mouth, I fell in love with the chocolate taste and crunch.

Alex Block, 8th grade:
Good. Not great. Just good. The real problem with Mrs. Fields grahams is no one will buy them. They don't really offer anything different than what is already offered.

Roberto Flores, 8th grade:
The box makes the cookies look like they taste good. The (individual) wrapper makes it look like they taste even better. The cookie looks and smells good. I think the chocolate lines look cool. It also tastes so delicious.

Charlie Killheffer, 8th grade:
The box makes you want to love it. It appeals to older people who like decadent stuff. The cookies are great; it's like a party in your mouth and everyone is invited.

Noah Korman, 8th grade:
The chocolate-covered graham crackers come in appealing white packages that make you want to eat them. It's a really good chocolate snack, and I might buy it.

Sara Antolin, 8th grade:
This cookie is basically a pre-packaged s'more. Although lacking in marshmallow, it tastes like it's there. The packaging is like all other Mrs. Field's cookies, so you can't expect much more. It tastes richer than most Mrs. Field's cookies, but has no scent, or at least one worth mentioning. However, they do have appeal.

Emanuel Bouzi, 8th grade:
What I do not like about this is it stinks and tastes bad and disgusting. I do not think that anyone would want to eat them. The cookie does not have a rich taste to it.

Genesis Gomez, 8th grade:
This product is OK. When I bit into it, it was good, but I like dark chocolate. I also like chocolate stripes. So try to make it in dark chocolate.

Armond Remied, 8th grade:
The wrapping looks neat, and the way you wrap makes someone want to eat it. But the (outside) package looks nasty and the cookie stank.

Josh Shiffrin, 8th grade:
Mrs. Field's Chocolate Grahams are really good. They are a little hard to open, and the package smells bad, but the cookies taste good.

Sara Bearman, 8th grade:
The packaging is hard to open and is stinky. The texture of the cookie is good and the taste is great. The wrapper needs to be way less stinky.

Chase Langston, 8th grade:
I like the cookie crunch and unique chocolate taste. They should call them Chocolate Grahams - it's way easier - and Mrs. Fields should produce different flavors.

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