September 2005 Equipment Round-Up - Food Safety

This collection of products can help processors maintain a high level of food safety from top to bottom throughout the plant.

Goff's curtain walls
It's curtains for contamination

Curtain walls enable separation between cleaning and processing, and are partitioned to fit in with the sanitation needs of the food processing environment. They have a slick surface able to shed water and soils, and are available either in a 40 mil PVC, 40 mil USDA grade PVC or 40 mil antimicrobial PVC. To eliminate trapped contamination, the curtains have welded seams and do not have sewn joints or hems. Curtain panels are clear from top to bottom for visibility and overlap to prevent wash breakthrough.

Goff’s Enterprises; Pewaukee, Wis.

Sanitizing wipes

Eco-Wipe FCS is an EPA-registered, pre-moistened, single-use, sanitizing wipe for use on hard, non-porous food contact surfaces in the dairy, food and beverage processing industries. The wipes are proven 99.999 percent effective against Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC #6538), E. coli (ATCC #11229) and Shigella boydi (ATCC #9207) in 60 seconds with a consistent 175 ppm sanitizing solution. They are moisture-controlled and quick drying and are applicable to a range of uses.

Ecolab Inc.; St. Paul, Minn.

Empowering water

Advanced C-Series Electrolyzed Oxidative Empowered Water System disinfects poultry and meat processes without toxicity. With water, salt and electricity, a non-toxic disinfectant is created that can be used in the poultry plant to first clean chicken carcasses and then disinfect them. It is a safe alternative to the toxic chemicals. The disinfectant is generated on-site as-needed, the machine placed between the municipal water source and the plant.

Electric Aquagenics Unltd.; Lindon, Utah

Diagnosing bacteria

A suite of microbial testing systems rapidly detects contamination in products and raw materials. The Soleris system (formerly BioSys) and the Envisio system provide rapid microbiology testing solutions for food, dairy, meat and nutraceutical processors. The diagnostics portfolio tests for pathogens such as E Coli O157, as well as routine organisms such as coliform bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus, Listeria and environmental, yeast and mold and lactic acid bacteria.

Centrus Intl.; Kingsport, Tenn.

Systemate Numafa's boot washer

Wipe your feet!

Beaver Falls Boot Washer effectively cleans and sanitizes the bottoms and lower halves of shoes and boots. Photocells, which are located at both ends of the machine, are activated by personnel traffic. Once activated, four large bottom and four side brushes begin rotating. A timer-controlled magnetic valve opens allowing water to enter the manifold and dampen all brushes with a sanitizing solution. The step-on/step-off footplates also act as protective guards for the slip-in drive gear motors.

Systemate Numafa NA; Canton, Ga.

Good ozone

WaterZone 30 is an FDA and USDA approved skid-built unit that can add 2 to 8 gr/hr of ozone to water and is capable of generating ozonated water at a rate of 30 gpm. Ozonated water can be used to kill bacterial, for CIP in food processing plants and for washing down produce and meat to extend shelf life. Ozone is a useful tool in the battle for food safety.

Ozone Systems; Mahwah, N.J.

Chilling salmonella

FreshFx is an antimicrobial solution that reduces salmonella contamination when applied post-chill in poultry processing. It can be used as a spray or a dip to guard against Salmonella, E.coli, listeria and campylobacter in poultry processing with low environmental impact. The solution has also received written USDA approval for multiple steps along the poultry processing line, including the scalder, rinse, pre-evisceration, chiller, on-line reprocessing and post-chill.

SteriFx, Inc.; Shreveport. La.

CIP cleaning

Oakite FiSan Pristine Plus features a powerful blend of emulsifying detergents, water conditioners and balanced alkalinity to effectively remove oily, creamy soils from stainless steel piping and equipment via circulation-in-place (CIP) cleaning. At 130°F and above, it is low-foaming and effective at penetrating and emulsifying stubborn stearyl- and cetyl-alcohol-based residues. Free of silicates and solvents, this biodegradable CIP cleaner is formulated with water conditioners for both soft and hard water.

Chemetall Oakite; Berkeley Heights, N.J.

Polygenex Intl.'s antibacterial gloves

Helping hands

Safe copper oxides are incorporated into special yarns and fibers to create these gloves. So, in addition to the gloves’ sterility, their fibers contribute additional antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties when the gloves are in use.

Polygenex Intl.; Cary, N.C.

Chlorine dioxide disinfectant

The EPA has conditionally approved Selectrocide, a chlorine dioxide product, as a disinfectant, sanitizer and algaecide for applications in the horticulture and food processing industries. It produces greater than 99 percent pure chlorine dioxide simply by submersing the product in water. It can generate specific concentrations of chlorine dioxide at the point of use with very low residuals and neutral pH, using only water with no capital equipment.

Selective Micro Technologies, LLC; Beverly, Mass.

Impregnated parts

Elastoguard rubber compounds maximize antimicrobial protection in rubber parts for food processing equipment such as rubber rotors for pumps, rubber air valve stems, balls for ball check valves, sanitary pipeline gaskets and O-rings. (As a result, in most cases, this is an issue to bring up with your OEMs.) A new, powerful biocide – Alphasan silver-NZP ion-exchange resin – is effective against a greater variety of bacteria and fungi. The biocide permeates the entire rubber matrix after vulcanization and, offering a low rate of migration, maintains a higher and longer level of protection. It is not sensitive to heat or shear; therefore, it can also be used in elastomers formulated for a variety of processes.

Milliken Chemical Specialty Elastomers; Spartanburg, S.C.

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