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November 2005 Equipment Round-Up - Process Control

This product showcase highlights the latest advances in process control for the food processing industry.

Batch control software

The latest version of RSLogix 5000 programming software offers expanded programming and batch configuration functionality, while helping users improve information integration, and increase productivity and quality. Key features in v.15 include PhaseManager, an S88 batch configuration tool designed to ease configuration and improve productivity and quality; RSLogix Architect, a navigation tool to help improve system configuration, organization and management; and the ability to add Allen-Bradley 1756 I/O to a running Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system. RSLogix reduces the number of disparate systems that must be maintained, the vendor says.

Rockwell Automation;
800-223-5354 x1798;

Temperature transmitter

The four-channel, DIN mounted Series DX DeviceNet Temperature Transmitter is the only IEEE 1451.4 smart sensing technology standard-compliant device capable of collecting, converting and broadcasting temperature sensor data over a DeviceNet network. Each transmitter is individually tested and calibrated for optimum accuracy and allows all of the latest sensor technologies based on the IEEE 1451.4 protocol to be accessible to most programmable logic controllers, networks and LabView applications. Any combination of standard of Plug and Play IEEE 1451.4 standard or non-standard RTDs and thermocouples can be used with the transmitter. Additional features include legible status LEDs, automatic DIN-rail grounding and a writable front cover for identification.


Digital controller

The UDC3500 Universal Digital Controller monitors and controls temperature, pressure, flow, level and other process variables in a series of single loop and cascade control applications. The controller features two loops of cascade/internal control with a typical accuracy of +/-10 percent. Up to five analog inputs, three analog outputs and configurable math functions enable the controller to be used in both complex process control applications and to control variables such as carbon potential and oxygen in thermal processing applications. Other features include a NEMA 4X/IP66 rated front faceplate, an infrared communications port with accompanying Instrument Explorer software, an Ethernet or RS-485 connection and dual vacuum fluorescent displays.

Honeywell Process Solutions;

Hot and cold

Hot and Cold Temperature Controllers offer electronic temperature control for hot, cold or cold/defrost cycling for a variety of refrigeration and heater control applications, including commercial and consumer appliances, cooking equipment, refrigerated and frozen food storage, chillers and HVAC equipment. They are offered in three configurations and each provides a differential of 2°F, high accuracy thermistor temperature sensing of +/-2°F and a setpoint adjustment of 1°F resolution, which is set by potentiometer. Power requirements are 85 to 145 VAC, 50/60Hz. Output is SPST relay rated at 15 or 30 A, 240 VAC.


Real-time data software

Upgrades to ActiveFactory v8.5 software include web-based reporting and support for tablet computers. A link to the company’s SuiteVoyager portal software provides access to trend data and reports over the web. The software enables users to receive customized reports and trends from other ActiveFactory clients and supports Microsoft Office 2003; IndustrialSQL Server; and the company’s Industrial Tablets, which allow workers to view real-time data on the plant floor.

949-753-9292, ext. 244;

2-in-1 thermometer

The Radiant TCT103F thermometer provides accurate temperature readings of food surfaces and food internal temperatures. With two measurement options, the thermometer allows food professionals to scan the surface of hot or cold foods without making contact, or to insert the probe for an instant reading on the LCD display. It features +/-1°F accuracy, 0.1°F resolution and a K-type thermocouple probe. It weighs less than 3 oz. and uses a lithium battery.

Metris Instruments;

Alarming software

DeltaV Analyze software improves operator effectiveness by assessing unusual alarm, event and operator activity. Unlike limited alarm management approaches, DeltaV Analyze identifies unusual occurrences, trends in plant alarms and control modules responsible for those alarms and delivers information on structured web pages for rapid, easy access. It examines alarms, events, and operator actions from the plant Event Chronicle or Plant-Wide Event historian.

Emerson Process Management;

Austin, Texas
Los Gatos, Calif.
Lake Forest, Calif.
Anaheim, Calif.
Fort Washington, Pa.
St. Louis

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