December 2005 Ingredient Round-Up - Stabilizers

This quartet of ingredients doesn't play jazz, but its members sure can mellow out a feisty food formulation.

Gum blend fights rising costs

Coyote Brand VPB-1, a synergistic blend of konjac and carrageenan, functions like higher-cost agar. VPB-1 is used in icings, frostings and glazes to prevent cracking, smearing and melting. Depending on the application, VPB-1 replaces approximately 50 percent of agar, is about half the cost per pound and is not as vulnerable to supply shortages. Effective blends can be formulated for all application needs.

Gum Technology Corp.; Tucson, Ariz.
800-369-4867; www.gumtech.com.

Spanish carrageenan

Ceamgel 1313, a cold-water soluble iota carrageenan, is suitable for injection or tumbling. It improves water retention during transport, storage and display, and offers improved juiciness and reduced cooking loss. These innovative carrageenan systems are offered in conjunction with PLT's strategic partner, Ceamsa of Spain.

P.L. Thomas; Morristown, N.J.
973-984-0900; www.plthomas.com.

Blend for yogurts

Pretested Dairyblend YG AG is a blend of starches, agar and pectin that provides a creamy mouthfeel for both vat-set and cup-set yogurt processes. Beyond its gelatin-free status, Dairyblend YG AG offers other benefits such as rapid hydration and a smooth mouthfeel. In tests in the supplier’s dairy pilot plant, the product demonstrated effective starch activation when exposed to heavy shearing and was shown to save money because of the reduction or potential elimination of MSNF that would otherwise be added to a yogurt mix.

TIC Gums; Belcamp, Md.
410-273-6469; www.ticgums.com.

No more flocculation

Eficacia is an acacia-based stabilizer for emulsion applications, guaranteeing total absence of creaming, flocculation, sedimentation or coalescence in the concentrated emulsion and after dilution. It is created through an innovative and proprietary process, the vendor claims, and allows a reduction of 3-5 times in the typical use level when formulating flavor emulsions. It’s effective at levels of 4-7 percent in liquid emulsions, compared to 18-25 percent use levels with traditional acacia gums, providing major cost savings while also ensuring superior emulsion stability over time.

Colloides Naturels; Bridgewater, N.J.
908-707-9400; www.cniworld.com.

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