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March 2006 Equipment Round-up - Refrigeration and Freezing

This line-up of the latest in freezing and refrigeration equipment won't leave you cold.

Refrigeration and freezing showcase: Berg temperature controllerControl the chill

A new Temperature Controller for chilling systems is available in standard or customized form. It's user-friendly, with an intuitive soft-touch screen control panel, incorporates a low-watt density incoloy heater ranging from 9-24 kw and a solenoid valve for precise temperatures. It has an adjustable bypass water supply pressure switch that prevents operation at low supply pressure and a bypass line that protects heater and pump if process flow is shut off.

Berg Chilling Systems;


The Polychiller offers rapid chilling of hot-filled pouches and other containers due to its unique agitation and product movement technology. It uses air and water flushes to gently agitate the pouches in a cold water bath. This allows for the maximum in heat transfer during the chilling process. These systems can be supplied with surface drying units and laning/orienting systems to improve packaging line efficiency.

San Antonio, Texas

Roll-in blaster

The Master-Chill MCR series of blast chillers features stainless steel construction and drain with polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation. The chiller's flush mounted exterior control panel has a digital readout of the interior temperature. A digital cycle timer automates the defrost and hold cycles. Once chilling has ceased, an audible alarm sounds to prompt the user. It comes with a stainless steel rack that accommodates 26 pans on a total of 13 ledges.

New Albany, Miss.

Frictionless chilling

Refrigeration and freezing showcase: SterlingA partnership with McQuay Intl. results in the RTCW frictionless chiller, achieving a 35 percent savings over rotary screw designs. A digitally controlled magnetic bearing system, consisting of both permanent magnets and electromagnets, replaces conventional lubricated bearings. The frictionless compressor shaft is the compressor's only moving component. With two independent centrifugal compressor circuits and shell and tube evaporator and condenser components, the units range in size from 120-190 ton capacity.

New Berlin, Wis.

The pinnacle of cold

The Pinnacle chiller has the latest in rotational compression technology with scroll compressors. With 50 percent fewer parts than reciprocating compressors, scrolls have greater efficiency, reliability and noise reduction, the vendor claims. The Pinnacle series is available in 30-100 ton capacities, in both air- and water-cooled packages, with brazed plate evaporators and a stainless steel reservoir tank.

AEC Inc.;
Wood Dale, Ill.

Freezing on contact

The Frigoscandia SuperContact contact freezer quick-freezes the surface of a wide range of delicate food products using an ingenious method to freeze food: products are conveyed on a thin polyethylene film running over a refrigerated plate. The underside of the product gets a stabilizing crust. It is hard enough to allow the product to be transported onto a regular freezer belt with no mesh marks or sticking problems.

FMC FoodTech;

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