January 2007 Ingredient Round-Up: Flavors

January's Ingredient Round-Up features flavor products, including chocolate, cheese, tea and fruit.

Italian cheesy

For breading and batter applications that involve deep frying, a new concentrated cheese flavor offers outstanding durability in this harsh environment. A variety of substrates will benefit from Natural Italian-Type cheese flavor #1410497, using the vendor's CapsuLong technology. It's a water soluble, oil dispersible, kosher certified spray-dried powder that exhibits a subtle, pleasant aroma and contains no MSG. Usage levels vary by application, so formula consultations are welcome.

Edlong Dairy Flavors; Elk Grove Village, Ill.


Authentic tea flavor

The versatile new ingredient Tea Treattarome Iced has an authentic, fresh brewed tea aroma, providing a superior flavor package for popular sweetened, lemon and flavor-added beverages. Powerful, robust black notes combined with balanced green, hay and fruity flavors make it an effective sole ingredient in tea concentrates and ready to drink teas. It works well with many common bittering agents and is compatible with regular coloring agents, antioxidants and preservatives. This product provides time and cost savings by eliminating the need to brew tea leaves.

Treatt USA Inc.; Lakeland, Fla.


Hot chocolate

Hot Coats confectionary coatings offer snack manufacturers and retail confectioners an innovative way to increase sales to an expanding audience of flavor-loving consumers. The new naturally flavored, easy-to-melt products are trans fat-free, taste great with pretzels or chips and can be used to enrobe fruit or centers. Three robust flavors, ginger, jalepeno and chili, are available.

Wilbur Chocolate; Lititz, Pa.


Healthy fruit flavors

Increasing demand for healthier fruit beverages has prompted the development of HealthSystems for fruit drinks. Many consumers are looking for beverages that feature low sugar and fat and meet or exceed some of the recommended daily allowances. These systems create new classes of beverages that address health and wellness goals while maintaining taste profiles and economics. They strive to achieve the right balance between taste, wellness additives and beverage economics.

Flavors from Florida; Bartow, Fla.


Coffee extract

Bulk packaging of shelf-stable coffee extract in 1,000-liter totes allows for repackaging at a co-packer anywhere in the country or internationally. These extract are increasingly used in products such as ice creams, gelatos, RTD beverages, iced/frozen drinks and liquors. The totes are FDA certified and can be recycled by the manufacturer. The products include caffeinated and non-caffeinated versions of several coffee blends, and proprietary custom blends are available.

X Café LLC; Princeton, Mass.


Exotic Asian fruits

The Taste of Southeast Asia line of exotic tropical fruit flavors lend the ideal profile to an extensive variety of product applications. Some of these natural, water-soluble flavors include mangosteen, lychee, green coconut, red banana, guava, papaya, dragonfruit and starfruit. Applications include beverages, dairy, pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals, syrups, yogurt, ice cream, sorbet and more.

Robertet Flavors; Piscataway, N.J.


Liquid chocolate

Liquid chocolate flavors have been created for use in energy and nutrition bars, icings, ice creams variegates and ribbons, bakery goods and specialty items. The milk chocolate is sweet, creamy and rich, while the dark chocolate has a strong, dark roasted cocoa flavor. Flavors are either natural or natural and artificial, and are available kosher parve and GMO free.

Sethness-Greenleaf; Chicago


Ship flavor, not water

Agglomerated, free-flowing chicken broth powders disperse instantly and without clumps in warm, cold or tepid water. A boosted flavor profile elevates savory taste and umami notes for a wide range of application possibilities, from seasoning blends to bouillon, canned or aseptically packaged broth/stock, soups sauces, gravies, etc. Its functional qualities allow product developers the freedom to introduce savory chicken into nontraditional products, such as dips, snack coatings for chips or breadings and batters.

International Dehydrated Foods; Springfield, Mo.

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