Business Strategies

Tips for Sustaining Nostalgic Brands

Food Processors provide tips on how to sustain nostalgic brands.

  • Stay true to the original product as much as possible, but offer some improvements, such as extended shelf life and enhanced flavor profiles that don't take away from the original intent of the product.
    - Kirk Stephen, Cadbury Adams USA
  • Come out with new flavors, new packaging, new varieties, new sizes. We're in an impulse-driven category, so stay fresh with consumers.
    - Tory Johnston, Chattanooga Bakery
  • Stay tuned to your demographic but develop products for other categories.
    - Todd Kluger, Roman Meal

  • Understand and respect that consumers relate to your brand in a deeply emotional way.
    - John Faulkner, Campbell Soup
  • Tap into nostalgia to help recall good memories of an earlier time.
    - Kirk Stephen, Cadbury Adams USA

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