Food Biz Kids: Sunbutter Peanut-Butter-Substitute Sandwich

Our panel of eighth-graders think this peanut butter substitute is 'perfect for school cafeterias.'

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Briana McCorkle, 8th grade:
It tastes really good; the texture is smooth and the colors look natural. It smells like real peanut butter and jelly. Parents who have young children should pack these in their lunch bags. It's easy to eat. The name will attract kids because it sounds really cool.

Joey Jammer; Sunbutter & Strawberry Jam Stuffed Sandwich; Grand Prairie Foods, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Eli Golden, 8th grade:
Joey Jammer is a cool, nice name. They have a great taste, and are perfect for people allergic to peanuts. I have to say it again: They have a great taste.

Gabriela Landeros, 8th grade:
The package is very comfortable, easy to carry and convenient for people who want a snack but are in a hurry. The sandwich looks good. It tastes sweet and very good, and the size is perfect. It's good for people allergic to peanuts.

Felix Gomez, 8th grade:
The taste of Joey Jammer is astounding. The packaging could be a bit more appealing. I think it should have more jelly and less sunbutter. I don't think the world needs an invention like this.

Sherry Tang, 8th grade:
The packaging is perfect for school cafeterias. The bread is unusually soft, and the sunbutter is creamy and smooth. Even though there is more sunbutter in it, the taste of the jelly is overpowering. The smell is normal. However it does have one problem: The bread holds the basic structure of the whole sandwich, but the inside of it is almost liquid.

Dante Huff, 8th grade:
The packaging is so plain; I don't like it all because it has no pizzazz. The sunbutter tastes brittle and burnt. I like the texture though because it's smooth and kind of chunky. I think someone who likes all-natural peanut butter will like this.

Becky Bernstein, 8th grade:
The taste of this is good and bad. The sunbutter isn't horrible, but it's not great. If you get a bite with the jelly, it's not as bad. I don't think the world needs Joey Jammers.

Sarah Maloney-Franke, 8th grade:
The sunbutter and jelly looks unappetizing; but the taste is OK. It isn't great, and I don't think I would buy the product. It has an aftertaste, and after a few bites, I couldn't eat any more. I also don't like the fact that it isn't real peanut butter, so it doesn't taste as good.

Brooke Toland, 8th grade:
The taste is vile. The texture outside is soft and comforting, but the inside is gooey and really sweet. But I think we do need this product, because some people really like it.

Abdelsalam Yehia, 8th grade:
I think Joey Jammers are very natural tasting. The texture is very smooth, plus it tastes very good.

Jocelyn Arreguin, 8th grade:
Joey Jammers taste like a regular PB&J except that the bread is fresher. The good thing is it's not actual peanut butter, but tastes super good and the jelly does, too. I think anyone who's just hungry would buy it and they will have it for lunch. It's good.

Editor's note: This is a school foodservice product made from sunflower seeds, a substitute for peanut butter, so the packaging is not meant for retail.

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