July 2007 Ingredient Roundup - Gums, Hydrocolloids, and Emulsifiers

July's Ingredient Round-Up features gums, hydrocolloids and emulsifiers, including all-natural fat replacers, replacement dairy fats, organic inulin and custom emulsifier blends. Read on for the latest formulations from Danisco, Cargill, Cognis, and many more.

Consistent performer

VersaGum xanthan gum pushes the envelope for reliable and consistent performance for viscosity. In bakery products it provides water and air cell control to improve dough texture. In dressings and sauces its suspension and emulsion control enhance pourability and cling. And in beverages, it produces a clean body for a pleasant mouthfeel. And in diary products, it controls ice crystal formation.

Cargill Food and Pharma; Minneapolis

All-natural fat replacer

A new cold-setting Coyote brand Stabilizer CKX-Fat Replacer can replace fat in dressings, instant bake mixes, sauces, meat analogs, ice cream, and more. It mimics fat and creates a creamy mouthfeel in low/non fat products. This all-natural blend of cellulose gel, konjac, and xanthan contains soluble and insoluble fiber and is excellent for freeze thaw stability and moisture control.


Gum Technology Corp.; Tucson, Ariz.

Replace dairy fats

Volatile milk prices can be mitigated with Grindsted IcePro stabilizer. The product allows a reduction in the use of butterfat and dairy solids in ice creams and other dairy-based products - in the process, improving the health and wellness of the product and often the shelf life. Typically, a 50 percent reduction in butterfat can be achieved in ice cream.

Danisco; New Century, Kan.

Organic inulin

Finding certified organic ingredients can cause sourcing challenges for manufacturers. To help food and beverage companies to be able to label their products as certified organic and simultaneously maintain quality standards, there is a range of organic gums and gum blends now offered. Among the latest is Certified Organic Inulin. The same manufacturer offers several other organic hydrocolloids, including a pre-tested blend for organic ice cream.


TIC Ingredients; Belcamp, Md.

High performance for bakery

To deliver the attractive appearance, delicious taste, high volume and good crumb structure that modern consumers expect, manufacturers of baked goods need highly effective emulsifiers. The result of intensive research, Lametop 500 has significantly improved the vendor's emulsifier series, producing better effects for the same application costs -- or the same results for lower costs compared with competing products.

Cognis; Monheim, Germany

Emulsifers in solution

Emulsifiers play an important role in the vendor's solutions sets and custom blends of ingredients to solve customer needs for formula and process development. Recent developments look at reducing trans fats in foods and structuring liquid fats for use in semi-solid products. In the production of sour cream, dips and spreads, for example, these blends can remove or reduce the need for culturing compared to the traditional process.

Tate and Lyle Custom Ingredients; Decatur, Ill.

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