Van Drunen Farms Offers IQF Lemongrass


Van Drunen Farms (VDF) offers IQF Lemongrass for food processing use. Lemongrass a tall perennial herb primarily grown in India, Indonesia and Southeast Asia, is now domestically grown in Fla., Calif. and Ill. It is an essential ingredient in Thai and Vietnamese cooking, and an increasingly popular ingredient. Lemongrass offers a distinct citrus scent and refreshing taste that helps to lighten richer foods. IQF Lemongrass from VDF is a quality, fresh lemongrass product that has been flash-frozen right after harvest, preserving aroma, taste, color and piece identity. Van Drunen Farms offers IQF Lemongrass in fine cut format; customization is available.

Van Drunen Farms Inc.; Momence, Ill.;

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