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Cornell Teams Up with Mom to Develop Juice for Toddlers

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

Many parents give their children fruit juice to drink instead of soda, but juice isn't necessarily a healthier choice. Many juices have added sugar, which supplies empty calories for children, and many lack some of the healthy parts of the whole fruit, like the pulp or skin.

Innovative mom Denise Devine teamed up with food scientists at the International Food Network at Cornell to develop Froose, a new drink for children, made from 100 percent fruit juice concentrate and organic brown rice syrup. The brown rice syrup provides a balance of sweetness and a rich source of fiber.

Devine wanted a drink that would provide toddlers with essential nutrients and be low in sugar, yet still be liked by kids. A 4.23-oz. box of Froose contains 80 calories and has no fat or cholesterol. Each serving also provides 3g of fiber. The juice, which comes in three flavors -- Cheerful Cherry, Perfect Pear and Playful Peach -- is pasteurized and packaged in aseptic juice boxes that don't need refrigeration until opened.

A variety pack of 12 boxes (four of each flavor) costs $9. A carton of 40 boxes (one flavor or a variety) is $30. Currently, Froose is only available through the company's online store at In the future, Devine says there are plans to develop other healthy products for kids, like gummy treats, snack bars and puddings.

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