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Agave-Sweetened FruitSense Vitamin Water Supports a Rainbow of Health Benefits

Each flavor of this new vitamin water supports a distinctive health benefit

Sparta, Mich.-based Old Orchard Brands introduces a unique entry into the functional beverage category with the launch of FruitSense, vitamin water sweetened naturally with five percent real fruit juice and low-glycemic organic agave nectar. It has no preservatives and is gluten free.

Available in multi-serve, 64-ounce bottles, each eight-ounce serving features antioxidant vitamins C and E, essential vitamins A and B, plus additional ingredients for added functionality, including Echinacea, EGCG, CoQ10, ginseng, taurine, hibiscus, magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron.

Flavors, each supporting a distinctive health benefit, include: Key Lime Colada (enhanced with EGCG to help boost metabolism); Pomegranate, Blueberry, Mangosteen (includes co-enzyme Q10 for heart health); Kiwi Dragonfruit (contains ginseng and taurine for natural, caffeine-free energy); Strawberry, Peach, Melon (includes hibiscus, vitamin D, and magnesium to combat stress); Tangerine Grapefruit (includes zinc and Echinacea for preventative health); and Cranberry, Raspberry (blended with calcium, vitamin D and iron for women's health.

"FruitSense combines the best of all worlds: five percent real fruit juice, added vitamins, a low calorie count, and an organic sweetener that's friendly to a diabetic diet," said Kevin Miller, vice president of marketing for Old Orchard Brands. "In addition, as a multi-serve product, we offer consumers a lower cost per ounce, in a more environmentally-friendly package.”

Suggested retail price is $3.49 per bottle.

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