Hostess 100 Calorie Packs Blueberry Streusel Muffins 'Taste Rich, Smell Right'

Eighth graders attest: ‘Tastes rich and smells like a muffin should.’

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

Hostess 100 Calorie Packs – Blueberry Streusel Muffins
Interstate Brands Corp., Kansas City, Mo.

Jacob Frank, 8th grade:
I usually don’t like the 100 calorie packs that have been forced upon us in recent years, but this is an exception. They taste and look exactly like a full-sized muffin, and nothing is sacrificed, like in most 100 calorie packs. The packaging does appeal to me because it isn’t over the top like lots of packaging is. It is very nice and simple, and you can see what you are about to eat. I can see everybody eating this, and it isn’t restricted to a certain age group.

Emma Soglin, 8th grade:
This is boring packaging with the regular Hostess wrapping. However, they are good muffins. The blueberry flavor is good, although quite artificial tasting. The muffins are a little dry.

Terrell Farmby, 8th grade:
The taste is different. At the top it’s sugary candy kind of with the peanuts for a crunchy taste and the bottom is crispy, exploding with blueberries. The texture is rugged and bumpy. It smells like blueberry cake moisturized. The packaging is normal – non-appealing. All ages would use this product because of the nutrition and 100 calories.

Noah Gaynor, 8th grade:
The blueberry muffin tastes as if one giant muffin has been shrunk. It still has the rich taste and texture of the huge muffin. It smells like 100 blueberry bushes. The package is very easy to open and the muffins would be perfect for a school sack lunch.

Cheyenne Reid, 8th grade:
The taste is OK to me. I don’t like the muffin because it tastes fake. The texture is soft but rough. It smells good. The packaging makes it look even better.

Kenzie Robinson, 8th grade:
I like the taste of the muffins. They are very sweet and sugary. It tastes rich and smells good like a muffin should. I think that children and teenagers would be the age groups consuming this product.

Madalen Rauch, 8th grade:
The muffins taste like nail polish. I do not like them. They have crunchy things on top and the blueberries taste fake. I can’t really smell it, but I like the package.

Jose Soto, 8th grade:
I like the berries and the muffin. It’s small and doesn’t really smell like anything. It’s very soft and the packaging is not hard to open. It’s like a child size.

Jay Miranda, 8th grade:
The taste of the muffins is a strange blueberry taste, but it is still good. The texture is soft and hard at the same time, and it smells very strange. The packaging is normal like anything else. I think everyone would eat them.

Kristian Hrvojevic, 8th grade:
These muffins are very good. They are nice and soft with a light blueberry taste that does not take over the muffin. The packaging is very nice and looks colorful too. It is an easy opening package. It smells like every muffin should.

John McAuley, 8th grade:
The blueberry muffin tastes very good. The feel is soft and the muffin is easy to chew. The smell is not very powerful. The package is easy to open. I believe kids in middle school and below will eat these.

Alan Chess, 8th grade:
The blueberry muffins taste like blueberries and I like them. They are very soft and smell like blueberries. The package is not hard to open.

Ethan Walls, 8th grade:
They are soft and crunchy. The muffins taste like sweet blueberries and bread and are good. The bun is soft and smooshy.

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