Ingredient Round Up: July 2008 - Gums, Hydrocolloids, and Emulsifiers

July's Ingredient Round Up sticks to it. Also features additional online content.

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Two new xanthan gums
Two new xanthan gum products complete the vendor’s Satiaxane xanthan gum CX portfolio. Satiaxane CX 800 is a highly versatile, 80-mesh product that stabilizes, suspends, thickens and improves texture. Typical applications include dressings, sauces, mayonnaises, frozen desserts, dairy, fruit preparations, bakery products, syrups, and meat products. Satiaxane CX 801 is a fine mesh product offering rapid hydration for instant foods such as dry mix beverages, soups, dressings, desserts and bakery mixes. Both grades are Halal and Kosher certified.
Cargill Texturizing Solutions; Minneapolis

Healthier trans fat replacement
An enhanced emulsion technology allows the replacement of trans fat in baked goods with healthier alternatives. Unsaturated oils suspended in Methocel food gums form an emulsion that helps to create the semi-solid structure formulators desire while improving the flavor, moisture retention and crumb texture of baked foods. This technology helps formulators address a growing trend toward healthy, trans fat-free baked foods while preserving the taste, texture and mouthfeel that consumers expect in their cookies, cakes, muffins and crackers.
Dow Chemical Co./Dow Wolff Cellulosics; Midland, Mich.

Organic stabilizer
With sales of organic foods expected to increase at a steady pace, demand for certified organic ingredients is also on the rise. TICorganic Caragum 200 is a certified organic stabilizer based on the company’s standard version, Caragum 200. It contains the same ingredients but from a certified organic source. This product provides both hot and cold viscosity and excellent mouthfeel and is often used to replace starch in finished products like soups, sauces, and gravies. In addition being certified organic, it is a cost-effective alternative to straight locust bean gum.
TIC Gums; Belcamp, Md.

Cost-reducing emulsifiers
With commodities prices on the rise, new emulsifier solutions lessen the impact of these increases on the total food formulation. In margarine and spread, new technologies allow the vegetable oil content to be reduced and replaced with water. Other solutions target gluten reduction in bread while maintaining a high bread volume. Alternatively, these products can enable capacity improvements by increasing throughput on food production lines. These solutions offer opportunities to cut down on expensive raw materials in food applications without compromising the taste, texture, appearance or shelf life.
Danisco; Copenhagen, Denmark

No soapy taste
Enzymes in herbs and spices sometimes interact with the lauric acid of the vegetable oils contained in whipping agents, giving creams and mousses a soapy taste. Lamequick AS 165 is a whipping agent based on vegetable oils that are free from lauric acid. It is more stable against enzymatic saponification, making it especially suitable for aerated snacks such as savory mousses or spicy creams. It is also a good choice for light and aerated low-calorie products that tap into the wellness trend.
Cognis North America; Cincinnati

Natural stablilty
A natural gum blend adds suspension, viscosity, texture and fiber content in baked goods and dressings. Coyote Brand Fenuxan is a blend of fenugreek gum and xanthan gum. It work synergistically to create a stronger stabilizing system than either gum alone. It provides higher viscosity, suspension and emulsion stabilization in dressings. In baked goods, it prevents water migration, extends shelf life and provides added structure as well as additional fiber. It will not adversely affect the viscosity of batters and doughs and is appropriate for gluten-free diets.
Gum Technology Corp.; Tucson, Ariz.

Highly efficient emulsifier
Drewpol PGPR (polyglycerol polyricinoleic acid) is a highly efficient water-in-oil emulsifier that is considered GRAS by the FDA for use as an emulsifier in chocolates well as low fat spreads, margarine and dairy analogs. Spreads containing this product offer reduced fat content and exhibit improved stability and enhanced spreadability. Kosher certified, it is made from non-GMO ingredients. In chocolate coatings, this product modifies the rheology by reducing the yield value when combined with lecithin to provide for uniform enrobing at reduced use levels.
Stepan Co.; Maywood, N.J.

Gelatin coating for ice cream
Gelita RTE-ICE was named the most innovative product at the recent Food Ingredients South America (FISA) trade fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Gelita RTE-ICE is a gelatin-based ingredient for the production of jelly texture coatings for ice cream, especially stick novelties. It’s an easily processed, thermo-reversible top that freezes in less than a minute at ambient temperature, combining the softness of a jelly top with the ice-cream texture. It’s low-calorie and fat-free. 
Gelita AG; Eberbach, Germany
49 6271 84 2194;

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