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Broccoli Linked to Lower Incidences of Prostate Cancer

A new study links broccoli and prostate health

Men can reduce their chance of developing prostate cancer and might even slow tumor growth by eating broccoli once a week, according to a small study conducted at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, England.

Researchers gave 22 men 400g of either broccoli or peas each week, equal to one or two portions, in addition to their normal diet, for a year. Tissue samples taken from their prostate gland before and during the trial showed that broccoli changed how genes linked to prostate cancer act. Although other studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables may reduce the risk of prostate cancer, this one may be the first to explain why.

For more information, visit www.ifr.ac.uk/media/newsreleases/080702Broccoliprostate.html

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