Burdick Election Chocolates Give You A Sweet Way to Cast Your Choice

Assorted handcrafted chocolates make a sweet political statement

Are you working for a Presidential candidate, or do you want to make a statement about where you stand politically? If so, the perfect gift (which is a limited edition until the November election) is one of two offerings: Obama Assortment and McCain Assortment of handcrafted chocolates from Burdick Chocolate, Walpole, N.H.

You can cast your vote with Burdick Election Chocolates, stamped with a Democratic or Republican seal and tied in a patriotic commemorative ribbon.

Flavors in each assortment are drawn from the candidate’s background. Flavors of the Democratic Obama Assortment include: Hawaiian Pineapple (he was born in Hawaii), pineapple pate du fruit covered with dark chocolate; Kenyan Coffee, coffee bon bon covered with milk chocolate and sprinkled with crushed Kenyan coffee; Kansas Corn Crunch, dark chocolate crispy corn bottom with a ganache made with dark chocolate and Bourbon whisky in the shape of a half moon; and Tennessee Sour Mash, small white mousse made with cinnamon and sour mash.

The McCain Assortment features Arizona Citrus (he’s the senior senator from Arizona), dark chocolate orange-lemon ganache coated in dark chocolate; Hot Pepper Tequila, white chocolate ganache with pistachios and tequila, coated with white chocolate and sprinkled with red hot pepper; Peanut Butter, peanut butter half moons coated with milk chocolate; and Kentucky Rye, dark chocolate ganache flavored with whisky, lemon and pepper, covered in dark chocolate.

Preliminary votes have been tallied and the results (as of press time) were: Obama 10,090 boxes sold, McCain 4,420.

Retail price for a quarter-pound box is $15 and $28.00 for a half-pound box.

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