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Packaging Machinery and Sustainability

Part of our Green Cover Story series

Cover Story: Food Processors go green

Sustainability is an important influencer in the decision-making process to purchase packaging machinery this year by 48.3 percent of respondent companies to a Purchasing Plans Study conducted by Arlington, Va.-based PMMI. Improving efficiency and addressing issues such as energy use and greenhouse gas emissions as well as general production costs and material waste were the most frequent responses by 30.5 percent, while 24.2 percent said “sustainability” is a factor because of customer demands and requirements.

Sustainability-related issues that affect packaging machinery purchase decisions include: accommodating new packaging styles and sizes (19 percent); accommodating new packaging materials (16.8 percent); reducing the amount of packaging materials used (11.6 percent); to increase product shelf-life and quality (6.3 percent) and to meet management expectations (2.1 percent).


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