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Air Mizer Seals Shafts with Minimal Amounts of Air Pressure

Mechanical seals work on a contact basis and are subject to excess wear on the seal faces as they make contact. But Inpro/Seal took its compound labyrinth bearing isolator and modified it to incorporate air as an extra sealing solution. The Air Mizer product line uses minimal amounts of air pressure to seal shafts where dry particulates, powders and bulk solids are handled, processed, packaged and stored. This solid wall of air functions as a barrier for contamination and works to retain product where it should be – in the equipment, not outside of it. Air Mizers can be installed on screw conveyors, mixers, blenders, rotary valves, feeders, fillers and similar dry powder and bulk processing equipment.

Inpro/Seal Co.; Rock Island, Ill.
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