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September 2008 issue of Food Processing Now Available

Our Green Issue tackles environmental issues affecting food and beverage companies in the U.S.

Our September 2008 issue of Food Processing magazine donned a green theme as we reported and analyzed environmental issues affecting food processors. Included in this month's are articles like:

Hormel cultivates a ‘green’ plant
For a new shelf-stable meals plant, Hormel will pursue green-building LEED certification. We’ll follow the plant throughout the process.

Food and Beverage Companies Go Green
Consumers are making choices based on sustainability efforts; here’s what the top food and beverage companies are doing. Includes bonus online content.

Packaging adds value to the freezer case
Frozen food processors are using packaging to put a new spin on familiar products and add convenience to new ones.

Trends: Consumers Turning to Healthier Bread
Consumers are turning to healthier breads so long as the price is right.

Keep the Bugs Away
In addition to pest control, programs provide valuable third-party record-keeping.

Don’t Be Guilty of ‘Greenwashing’
Deceptive efforts deserve criticism; but let us know about your best efforts to save the planet.

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