Ingredient Round Up: Colorants

December's ingredient round-up focuses on colorants.

A guide to naturals
More food and beverage processors formulate with natural alternatives to synthetic food color additives in response to changing consumer preferences. The vendor offers a naturally derived color blend solution guide (www.naturalcolors.com) for food and beverage processors looking to replace synthetic food color additives. Selecting the best performing natural colorant blend to replace synthetics requires a thorough understanding of the specific application. Improved blending of naturally derived colorants helps to improve stability compared to using a straight (single) natural colorant.
D.D. Williamson and Co.; Louisville, Ky.

Shiny and natural
Market research shows consumers want more wholesome ingredients and cleaner labels for their food and beverage products. And studies by universities, governmental bodies and consumer agencies reveal that natural colors possess compounds that promote health and wellness. Fusion Precise Natural Color Systems meet those needs, while also enhancing current market capability on shade, vibrancy and consistency. They are custom-developed and free of preservatives and GMOs. Fusion is a culmination of the vendor’s synergistic global expertise and technical capabilities for natural color sourcing, shade development, color system manufacture and product application. Those applications include beverage, bakery, dairy and confection.
Sensient Food Colors; St. Louis
314-658-7405; www.sensientfoodcolors.com

Edible glitter
Edible Glitter  are little flakes that can add color in new ways; likewise flavors and sweeteners can be added to Edible Glitter, which opens up a whole new world of opportunities and applications. Recent color additions Gold and Sliver Metallic Glitters, which look dramatic on chocolates and other dark colors.
Watson Inc.; Westhaven, Conn.

Certified organic powdered caramel
OC234 claims to be the world’s first certified organic powdered caramel color. It’s a label-friendly, dry color that can improve the visual appeal of organic baked goods, cereals, dry blends, meat rubs and seasonings.
Sethness Caramel Color; Lincolnwood, Ill.

Clearly colorful
The vendor’s expertise in emulsion technology and natural colors has resulted in the Color From Nature brand with clear emulsions. Normally oil-soluble materials are transformed into easy-to-use, acid-stable and water-soluble colors. The patent-pending, clear color emulsions are designed to deliver vibrant colors without opacity, enabling beverages that benefit from being clear, such as enhanced waters, to enjoy eye-catching hues of yellow and orange.
Wild Flavors Inc.; Erlanger, Ky.

Naturally red
Tomat-O-Red offers an all-natural, vegetarian and kosher alternative to coloring with carmine/cochineal. It is stable in a wide range of temperatures, no color shift occurs with pH changes, and it is offered in two ready-to-use formulations (liquid dispersion or cold-water dispersible powder). Suitable for a wide variety of food and beverage applications, it has the added benefit of containing lycopene, a healthy colorant.
P.L. Thomas; Morristown, N.J.