New Look Brings New Features

Learn more about our newly redesigned website.

By Erin Erickson, Senior Digital Editor

In November’s column, you learned recently underwent a redesign. This month we turn our attention to the real meat and potatoes of the website: Topics and Resource Centers.

Split into eight segments, our Topics and Resource Centers cover all facets of the food processing industry:

• Ingredients and Formulation. As the name implies, you’ll be able to find all our print and online articles, news, products and whitepapers that relate to ingredients and formulation here.

• Production Line. Formerly known as Production Operations, this topic area includes everything we’ve published that relates to the actual processing plant. You’ll find articles on automation, manufacturing, process management, food safety, green principles, supply chain … the list is lengthy. Also included in this topic area are new equipment product postings and whitepapers.

• Plant Maintenance. Dedicated to maintaining the food processing plant, this special topic area is the only area on our site with an “Ask the Expert” forum. Visitors are encouraged to post questions to our panel of plant experts with queries answered on the site and often in print.

• Packaging. A food processing website would not be complete without a section on packaging. Browse this topic area for articles, product postings and news relating to packaging innovations and best practices.

• New Products. You’ll find three separate lists here: new food products but also equipment and ingredients from vendors. It’s searchable by date, category or type.

• Wellness Foods. Here you will find all articles published in our supplement, Wellness Foods magazine.

• Safety. Our safety resource center is a new addition to the landscape. Here we’ve culled years’ worth of plant and food safety articles into one place. Also included are safety products, regulatory issues and news.

• Research. Formerly under the heading of “Cool Stuff,” our Research resource center is the home of all of Food Processing’s original research — from Manufacturing Trends to the Salary Survey and of course the Top 100© — as well as co-sponsored surveys and market research reports.

As we move into the new year, we’ll tackle more new features on

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