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Consumer packaged goods trend predictions for 2010
The trend experts at Mintel release their 2010 global consumer packaged goods (CPG) predictions.

Top Ten New Food NPD Trends for 2010
Innova Market Insights reveals top ten new product trends for new product development in 2010

IRI Identifies Key Food Trends for 2009
Watching the 2009 numbers come in, IRI has identified some key trends for 2009

Consumer Trends for 2009
With the economy affecting shopping, consumers grapple with prices and desires.

Ingredient Trends to Watch in 2009
Functional ingredients for health are moving in two directions: a widening application of individual nutraceuticals and an increase in “condition marketing.”

Flavor And Ingredient Trends For 2009
Consumers look for function with their flavor; more exotic fruits on the way.

Wellness Food Trends for 2009
Condition-based marketing and parental concern for babies and toddlers will provide opportunities for product developers in the year ahead.

Wellness Foods: Products to Watch in 2009
Developing products with multiple health benefits is on trend — but don’t overwhelm.

The 6 top trends in food processing
Anticipating and acting on trends can make or break a company. It pays to know which ones are still in the game and which are emerging

Trends to watch
IRI Times & Trends expects the following trends to impact the consumer packaged goods market throughout 2007 and into the next few years.

Futurists Predict Tasty Trends
Trendspotters Marian Salzman and Ira Matathia tender their predictions for the coming trends in dieting, dining and development.

Trends: Consumers Turning to Healthier Bread
Consumers are turning to healthier breads so long as the price is right.

Wellness Food Minute: Nutraceutical Ingredients Trends (Video)
Got a minute? Wellness Foods editor David Feder, R.D., will tell you what's on his mind when it comes to nutraceutical ingredients trends and the changes in how trends emerge.

‘Natural’ to gain momentum in 2008
Natural, nutraceutical and green lead Innova’s top 10 trends.

The Trend's the thing
Editor David Feder makes ingredient trend predictions for 2008.

Wellness Ingredient Trends 2008
Editor David Feder explains that there are trends in wellness that are so overarching as to be rote; obesity, diabetes and heart disease are really “megatrends.” The ingredient trends within them, however, are where processors will need to focus their energies.

Wellness Foods Trends 2007
We consulted the top experts in consumer and producer research to bring you the latest on the ingredient and product trends that affect your industry. Whether the latest hot antioxidants or the focus on healthy oils and proteins, the “in” ingredients will help attract consumers to better health.

Flavor trends for 2007
Will acai be the next pomegranate? Is it time to develop Argentine frozen dinners? Will dark chocolate work on pizza? Here are our predictions for the flavors and ingredients that will be hot this year.

Trends in Living Color (videos)
Here are links to more information on ingredient trends.