On the Web: Job Hunting 2.0

New media means new rules when it comes to job hunting.

By Erin Erickson, Sr. Digital Editor

I remember when I received the call to interview with the folks at Putman Media (the parent company that owns FoodProcessing.com). It was a school holiday in January and the kids were watching television while I worked from the comfort of my kitchen counter. I'd submitted my resume the prior summer, did a phone interview and was filed in the "let's consider" pile.

The job offer came at a perfect time. The big trade media company I worked at was just put up for sale, and everyone was starting to worry about their jobs. My husband likens the job offer from Food Processing to finding a raft as the Titanic neared the iceberg.

He was right about that raft. The company I worked for has since shuttered and many of my former colleagues were dismissed over the course of the past few years.

I've long been a fan of career newsletters and job boards. I don't think there's a single job I've had that wasn't the result of my responding to an ad on a job board. Same goes for the career newsletters I subscribe to. Without the helpful anecdotes of interviews gone wrong or the long lists of interview preparation questions, I may not have survived my first – or even my 10th – job interview.

My love of career knowledge has now translated into something I sincerely hope will benefit the readers of FoodProcessing.com. We just launched our very first issue of the Food Careers newsletter, and it's a beauty. (See our July newsletter)

Food Careers will be a monthly digest of career news you can use, as well as a round-up of jobs from the Food Connection Job Board.

Don't worry. Even if you're not looking for a new job, you can still subscribe to the newsletter. We'll be filling every issue with helpful tips and tools for past, present and future jobs.

Subscribing to the Food Careers newsletter is fast and easy:

Point and click your way to our subscription center (www.foodprocessing.com/enews/index.html) and select the Food Careers newsletter. Drag it to the right-hand column and voila – you've just subscribed to the newsletter.

If you're interested in not only career advice but the careers as well, then look no further than the Food Connection Job Board.

Filled with more than 2,000 listings every day, our job board contains openings for every type of food and beverage industry job there is. Even better, you can upload your resume to Food Connection and use it to apply to the many jobs we have posted.

As for where to find our job board, you can catch a glimpse of a few recently posted jobs on the front page of the website; otherwise check out http://jobs.foodprocessing.com and peruse to your heart's content.

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