Food Biz Kids: Air Heads Xtremes

Our seventh and eighth grade panelists deemed the Lemonade Sour Belts sweet, not sour, and awesome.

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Airheads Lemonade
Perfetti Van Melle, Erlanger, Ky.
AirHeads Xtremes, Lemonade Sour  Belts

Christian Stanbovic, 7th grade:
The packaging of Air Heads Extremes looks very appealing. The smell and looks are very pleasing, and my mouth is starting to get watery at the sight of them. The texture feels good to my tongue. It tastes like pink lemonade ... sour pink lemonade. I would definitely recommend these to younger kids.

Ruby Schneider, 7th grade:
The packaging is a bright color that pops. Being able to see the product makes it look good. They are coated in sour crystals making them slightly sticky. The first bite isn't too sour, but tastes like lemonade right away. Your fingers get coated in the crystals and it tastes amazing. It would appeal to any kid that loves sour and sweet candy.

Ricardo Bernal, 7th grade:
The packaging is very eye-catching; the mixture of yellow and reddish-pinkish on the cover matches the candy. The texture is rough, but the sour powder melts in your mouth, and the taste of the lemonade is great. It smells just like lemonade. The people who would buy it are mostly 10 to 21, because these people like sour stuff.

Marty Leoni, 7th grade:
These are really swell! They taste like lemonade. They look like fake bacon, but taste a lot better. The packaging is bright and explosive, which will appeal to kids and teens. They are awesome and I recommend them.

Steven Medina, 7th grade:
As I look at the plastic packaging, it doesn't look like anything special, just a normal Air Heads package. The Air Head is covered in its sour sugar, like any other Air Head, and is bumpy in most places, but smooth in others. It isn't a gelatinous as most Air Heads Xtremes, and its promise of sourness and lemonade goes unfulfilled. These Air Heads are tasteless, and I'm not a fan of this, so I wouldn't recommend them.

Micaela Homer, 7th grade:
These strips had nothing to do with an Air Head of the past, but they weren't entirely bad. At first, the texture was cool and rubbery, but after the giant coat of sugar melted off, there was just a tasteless lump. The flavor is pretty addicting, but very artificial. To many teenagers, the packaging would be very eye-catching, but more sophisticated tastes would find it overly bright and fake. If the texture weren't so weird, these strips would definitely be a big hit.

Angel Giordano, 7th grade:
Air Heads Xtremes are definitely made for someone looking for a sugar rush. They taste very good because they are coated in sugar. They are gummy, which is an appealing texture. The packaging is very colorful and attracts kids. I like this product, but dentists would not. Also, it is a colorful food so it is attractive.

Daphney Ambroise, 7th grade:
The bright packaging attracts people, and the opening is sort of tight, but it looks delicious and tastes sour. After eating it, your hands are sticky. The first bite tastes like lemonade. I think the sour overwhelms the sweetness. I think the candy is a good fit for kids who like sour candy.

Michael Matthew, 7th grade:
Air Heads Xtremes Lemonade Sour Belts come in an appealing, bright pack. The color of the Air Heads themselves is appealing because they are red and yellow. They really do taste like sour lemonade with a zing. I think they would appeal to kids who like things like sour gummy worms, but may turn off adults.

Gabrielle Linares, 7th grade:
Air Heads Xtremes Lemonade Sour Belts are really good and actually taste like lemonade, but they are not that sour. I think all the kids in the world will love this product. I hope they make more of this because it is very delicious. They are good and do taste like lemonade.

Russell Snapp, 7th grade:
Air Heads Xtremes Lemonade Sour Belts are delicious! They taste exactly like pink lemonade. The sourness is really good and so are the colors. They are not filling, but are delicious – definitely worth buying.

Wali Deutsch, 7th grade:
Lemonade Sour Belts are a snazzy, colorful fun treat. The lemon-flavored candy is great and appealing for children. The packaging is bright and eye-catching. It really tastes like lemonade with a sour tingle thanks to the shiny little crystals. This item is a soon-to-be popular product.

Chris Davis, 7th grade:
Extremes Sour Belts are very sour. They smell just like lemonade though. I think that there should be a few more strips in the package. I would also change the after-effects of eating these delicious candies because they get sticky on your hands. The packaging is very bright and easy to read. This product would appeal to anyone of any age that likes candy.

Mikey Barnett, 7th grade:
This tastes pretty good. The texture is nice, and this would appeal to all people. It is more sweet than sour. The packaging is OK, and will appeal to younger people. The texture is soothing and the smell is nice. Overall, I think Air Heads has done it again. I would recommend this, but more to young people.

Joshua Wilson, 7th grade:
The texture is like a Starburst, and tastes like lemonade -- sweet, but not so sour. The sour crystals have been sprinkled on generously. I heard great things about this product and I agree this is awesome.

Mary Bauer, 7th grade:
I love Air Heads! The packaging is so bright that any kid would notice it on a shelf. They even smell like lemonade. The chewy and crunchy combination is just right. They are not so sour, but just the right amount. And the taste is the best part, just like lemonade. It's the perfect summer snack.

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