Food Processing Reports on Housewares Show Favorites

Diane Toops reports on her favorite finds from the 2010 International Home and Housewares Show.

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

Some of Diane Toops' favorite finds at the 2010 International Home + Housewares Show include:

Miallegro 5570 Smart Blue Microwave Oven from Idea Team Work LLC has a vanguard stainless steel design and mirrored surface, 10 power levels, and comes with a unique security feature that prevents little chefs from attempting unsupervised experimentation.

To those of you who own a KitchenAid 5-quart Mixer like me (mine’s Red), you’re in luck. You can now get a glass bowl with measurement lines (in both English and metric) to sit on the base. A convenient pour spout and strong glass handle is an added plus. KitchenAid also rolls out Pro Line Toasters, which include an auto sensing function that automatically lowers bread to begin toasting. When the toast is finished and raised, an auto keep warm re-lowers the toast to keep it warm. Most models include a defrost button for thawing frozen items before toasting and LCD digital displays showing the selected toasting shade and a progress bar that counts down toasting time.

Masterbuilt Turkey FryerNow you can fry up to a 20-lb turkey indoors with the Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer XL from Masterbuilt Manufacturing Inc. It is equipped with an easy-to-read digital timer, hinged lid with a window and grease filter. It is CSA certified and the temperature control prevents overheating. (pictured right; Photo:

Slow Cooker Mate’s slow cooker helps you put an entrée and two dishes on the table from one pot. Using unique stoneware divided inserts in a portable top chamber for the sides, you can cook the entrée in the lower chamber at the same time. 

Cuisinart Griddler Centro offers home cooks a grill that can do it all, at once. Grill or griddle food on top and cook kebabs or hot dogs on the bottom simultaneously.

Microplane introduces Twist N Grate –Dual Sided Grater, a cone-shaped grater with two sides – one for coarse and one for fine grating. An integrated and removable storage container at the base provides convenient, mess-free grating.

A patented indoor grill that brings the flavor and aroma of Brazilian barbecue into the home from Grillex USA is placed over a burner, and food is placed on skewers or in baskets and suspended vertically around the heat source.

Toastess International Multipot’s makes rice, pasta, stuffing, fondue and even allows a not-so-ambitious baker to press a button and bake a cake.

Nostalgic Products Group LLC ‘s stainless steel electric Lazy Susan is an all-in-one serving solution that features a warming tray, large buffet cooking pan and four dishes with covers. It will keep foods warm for up to one hour.

NexTrend Products Patent-pending mortar and pestle allows consumers to simply place their palm on the pestle and rotate, following the natural curve of the mortar. With less effort, no mashing and no noise, dressings, marinades and toppings can be created.

Baker’s Edge, a durable cast aluminum pan is designed for making bite-sized brownies or mini cakes. The pan will appeal to those consumers who love the brownie edge all around.

DeLonghi, the Italian appliance company, demonstrated its convection oven with a lever on the front that lowers a metal press inside the oven to make a panini sandwich. But take out a few shelves and racks, and the oven can also cook a 12-inch pizza.

In celebration of the brand’s 25 anniversary, Circulon introduces Circulon Contemp Red. It features a magnetic stainless steel base and Nonstick Food Release System. It is made with an advanced non-stick surface metal utensil safe Dupont Autograph.

Jura Capresso Inc.’s electric water kettle contains a stainless steel heating element integrated within the body of the kettle to avoid any contact and interference with the water during the boiling process. Cordless and compact, it sits on an electric base and boils up to 57 oz. of water for coffee, tea or instant soups in just four minutes.

Pyrex ContainerWorld Kitchen LLC rolled out Pyrex Stainless Steel and Heavy Duty Non-Stick Cookware in a variety of sizes. The pans have a unique lid handle that doubles as a lid stand (it stands upright on the pan) and measure markers for quick measuring of liquids. Pyrex Fine Grater with ½ Cup Container allows you to grate, measure and store all at once. The palm size container features markers to measure the grated contents, and it is ideal for grating cinnamon and other delicate spices. If you want to grate hard cheese or chocolate, the Pyrex Rotary Cheese Grater hold the cheese in place all while measuring with its built-in measure markers. I also couldn’t resist playing with the Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup, which now includes bold, read-from-above measure markers and silicone-covered bases for better grip.

YouCopia Products Inc. debuted an innovative spice stack that stores both spices and measuring tools in one product. It fits into standard kitchen cabinets and features a tool drawer with a 10-piece set of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons. Two more drawers hold a total of 18 full-size spice bottles.
Lanita Ware, patented reusable party ware features drink ware that fits securely into a round receptacle on the plate. This design allows guests to mingle while carrying both food and drink and still have one hand free. The set includes a 3-in-1 spoon-fork-knife universal item with a beveled edge for cutting and a loop to make carrying easier.

Bodum Ice, a French Press Ice Coffee Maker uses the cold-brew method to eliminate the bitterness caused by hot water and enhances the coffee’s chocolate and caramel flavors.

TODCO garlic express roasts garlic in 27 minutes, compared to an hour in the oven.

Farberware Bagel Pod slices bagels, muffin, buns and rolls. Unhook the pod, insert your bagel and pull the lever to slice. It also has a base with a built-in crumb catcher.

Yolki Egg Separator breaks the shell without smashing the egg, and then separates the yolk from the white, flawlessly.

Zyliss offers a kitchen tool that easily removes the stems and cores of strawberries without damaging or wasting the fruit, and the company also offers a hand-held strawberry slicer that has a grooved pressing plate pushing the strawberry through stainless steel blades directly onto a plate.

Melitta Cordless glass water kettle with five temperature settings allows tea lovers to heat water to the optimal temperature for any type of tea.

Chicago Metallic’s Stuff It Up Pan holds food upright while baking. From peppers to tomatoes to apples, it cooks evenly and its cavity shape allows it to prepare corn bread and even small cakes.

Espressi Inc.’s Mypressi Twist is a portable espresso maker using either grown coffee or ESE pods. It can go anywhere you go – office or even the ski slopes.

Aroma’s 6-cup Digital Electric Kettle features spectrum technology, which changes the color of the water display as the water boils, and it allows for ambidextrous pouring.

Bosch Tassimo T20 Brewer delivers barista-style beverages at home. Its patented T DISC technology brews single cups of cappuccinos and lattes, tea and hot chocolate. And Bosch has partnered with Kraft Foods to offer 40 choices.

Apple Slicer-Corer-Peeler from RSVP International Inc. cores apples with the turn of the handle removes and disposes of the apple core, seeds and center fiber with one smooth action.

Double Play Reversible Griddle from Lodge Mfg. Co. can be used both inside and outside, performs on two burners and can produce hamburgers and chicken on one side and pancakes, French toast and bacon on the other.

Hamilton Beach debuted Half Pint, a soft-serve ice cream maker that can make homemade ice cream without the use of ice or rock salt in as little as six minutes. Great for the kids.

Ceramic-infused cookware from CHI Home LLC uses Infrared Heat Technology to cook foods faster and more evenly, saving time and energy bills. Carcinogens, a common side effect of PTFE, are not produced. Neither are toxic fumes when heated to temperatures higher than 400 degrees F.

Slimware PlatesSlimware, a line of plates that feature aesthetically pleasing “portion-control” designs and patterns to help consumers eat less. Instead of counting calories or weighing food, consumers can simply use their eyes to limit their portions. (pictured right; Photo:

Light My Fire came up with the Spork, a spoon, fork and knife combination in one clever utensil you can carry wherever you go. It is available in Eastman Tritan (BPA-Free materials. American Airlines should check this out.

Gaggia for illy, a single-serve machine for espresso and cappuccino, which has steaming and frothing capabilities debuts. Many varieties of the coffee are available in capsule form, and the programmable cup-volume button can be adjusted.

Chill Out and About, a stay-cool serving system that allows consumers to fill the base with water, chill the food, serve and then store all in the same container is available from The Sundance Co LLC. It comes in three different sizes and is refrigerator, microwave and freezer safe.

The Aloha Chill’R keeps party foods like salads, meats, vegetables, dips and salsas cold and bug free outdoors. Made of acrylic, the unit is placed over an ice bin that provides hour of protection and cooling.  

Say goodbye to overcooked foods with patent-pending Cooked-Per’fect Complete, a color-changing thermometer with an instant doneness readout for rare, medium and well-done for beef and ‘ready’ for fish and poultry by Burton Plastics.

WellnessMats, anti-fatigue mats with proprietary technology that provides comfort, safety, relief and well-being wherever you stand. They feature a non-skid bottom, non-slip top and a no-trip beveled edge. Stain-proof, puncture and heat resistant, they are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, home gym or garage.

Designed in Scandinavia by OBH Nordica, a retro-inspired 2-slice electronic toaster has a built-in radio to entertain you.