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Food Biz Kids: Buffalo Hummus Has Kick

Our pre-teen testers felt the Buffalo Hummus and Crackers Duo from Sonny & Joe's 'picks you up and kicks you – in a good way.'

Annabel Paulsen, 7th grade:
The packaging makes this hummus look like a normal hummus and cracker duo. However, what’s inside is a completely different story. The wheat crackers, along with the Buffalo Hummus, are delicious, and the hummus is creamy with a spice that picks you up and kicks you – in a good way. This hummus is a creamy and delicious mix and the crackers bring out the flavor. I definitely recommend this to all hummus-lovers.

Nick Giangreco, 8th grade:
The Buffalo Hummus was very surprising. I thought that it would be terrible, but it wasn’t that bad. The packaging is appetizing and generous with its portions. I don’t think I’d buy it, but the hummus is very good for being in a package. The chips are very whole wheatish, but good because the hummus covers it up. Overall, it wasn’t that bad and is good for how healthy it is. If I could make a change, I’d make a spicier version.

Mitchell Washington, 7th grade:
The packaging is classy and attractive and should appeal to everyone. It is the simplest thing to open unless your hands are greasy. The taste needs no modification, but there is too much hummus for the amount of crackers. The smell reminds me of Buffalo wings, as it should. Anybody who likes hummus should try it.

Alex Dzwierzynski, 8th grade:
Duo’s packaging is nice, but the taste isn’t. I don’t like it. Other people who like spicy food and bland crackers would buy it. The texture is nice, it smells bad and the taste is horrible.

Gina Ferguson, 7th grade:
This product is separated into two parts for the crackers and hummus. It isn’t very spicy, as I thought it would be. It is healthy and tangy. I would buy this product and eat it any time of the day. They could add more crackers for the hummus. It smells like vinegar, but good. It is a good snack for people who like hummus.

Cecilia Hansen, 7th grade:
When I first saw this product as an option, I wanted to try it. Yes, it does make sense to have spicy hummus. It smells like vinegar, tastes really good, and doesn’t get spicy until the end. They have a lot of hummus, but only a few crackers. People who enjoy hummus and spicy things would eat it and enjoy.

Imorg Huff, 8th grade:
I think that the packaging is nice, sensible, and it looks like a very healthy snack. It has kind of a spicy taste and smooth texture. To me, the smell isn’t great, but considering the taste, I’ll excuse it. I don’t think it’s a necessary product, but it’s definitely a great snack. It is also something you wouldn’t think you would see.  

Desmond James, 7th grade:
A good product to eat and also a good pack up because you can take it anywhere you want. It is a good snack and also a good combination of hot sauce. It does not need that much hummus, but other than that A+.

Natalie Cleland, 8th grade:
I tried the Buffalo Hummus DUO and it is great. The texture is smooth and has a little spice at the end, which is very good. The ratio of cracker to hummus isn’t good; there is too much hummus to only a few crackers. It looks really appealing though. I would recommend this to an adult or young adult.

Jose Gonzalez, 8th grade:
This hummus is the best hummus I have tasted so far. The hummus itself is very tangy and smooth and the crackers come in this neat, convenient packaging. Although there are not enough crackers for the hummus, it is a very good snack.

Sophie Berne, 7th grade:
The packaging makes the hummus and crackers look normal. However, what’s inside is a completely different story. The wheat crackers don’t look that appealing, but pair them with the hummus, and it is delicious. I would definitely buy this product. Although it is spicy, I would recommend this to all hummus lovers.
Peyton Miller, 7th grade:
When I first looked at it, I was very unsure about it. The name isn’t very attractive, and it smells pretty bad. But when I tasted it, it was really good – spicy, but not too much. I really like it.

Elly Freitas, 7th grade:
I think the packaging is great. It’s nice and easy to open. I think people who like spicy food would buy it. This food is great; I just think they should change the crackers.

Nimai Rawlinson, 7th grade:
The hummus is pretty good. It is delicious, not too spicy, but has a little kick. And the crackers are OK; they are a little chewy. The packaging is very smart. It puts both things together conveniently. Overall, it is a great product.

Ashley Roberts, 8th grade:
The crackers are too salty and not as tasty. The hummus is good, but it doesn’t taste spicy to me. The packaging is good and doesn’t mix the hummus and crackers. Overall, it is good.

Sam Brewer, 8th grade:
It tastes good. The hummus is good, but the crackers are very plain. The packaging is good for the product. There is a bad aftertaste.  Overall, I’d give it a 3 ½ based on a 5-star rating.

Harris Aftab, 7th grade:
The packaging is bad. It looks all green, and that makes me feel like throwing up. It tastes spicy like Buffalo wings, but the aftertaste is bad. There is no reason to have this product; it tastes bad.

Jordan Chastang, 7th grade:
It’s easy to open, smells interesting, tastes good and is not too spicy. The name doesn’t sound so attractive. The crackers add to the taste. It didn’t look good at first, but after I ate it, I liked it.

Kebrea Parker, 7th grade:
It looks yellowish with little red micro beads. I think it would appeal to hard-working healthy adults. It’s easy to open, and yes, it’s healthy. It’s thick but tastes creamy and it has a vinegar spicy smell. I wouldn’t buy this product. It’s horrible.