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Food Biz Kids: Mixed Grades for Quaker Mix-Up Creations

Our junior high product reviewers liked that they could 'Play with your food without getting punished.'

By Diane Toops, News & Trends Editor

Quaker Mix Up Creations
Quaker Mix-Up Creations
- Cinn-O-Man
- Apple-tastic
- Mapl-icious

Quaker Oats Co./PepsiCo, Chicago
Isabel Bergman, 8th grade:
I like the packaging. It's easy to open and simple, therefore appealing. The packaging makes sense for the product, simple with some color – just like oatmeal. I mixed Cinn-O-Man and Apple-tastic together and it tastes good plain. When the water is added, it smells amazing. The texture is nice and gooey, soft, and chewy. The cinnamon and apple flavors are clear, but not too strong, so the taste doesn't get old like it sometimes does with oatmeal. I think people would buy the product if they were looking for something new and exciting to eat for breakfast. With the mixes, you can also have different flavors every day.

Christian Stankovic, 8th grade:
When I first heard the name, I thought this was a kids' meal. Cheesy, fun, childish title that brought the focus from kids to the food. I stand corrected. Yes, the name is unattractive to the older public, but once you try it, it completely changes your mind. The oatmeal is not very sweet, driving away the sweet teeth known as kids. But, when you mix it with different flavors, it has little/less flavor compared to being alone. Overall, however, it is oatmeal that can be given to anyone under 16.

Maddie Pope, 8th grade:
I mixed together Cinn-O-Man and Mapl-icious. They smell really good, and I think the packaging, especially the names, is very appealing to a younger crowd. The taste is very good, but it is a little better with some sugar. The texture is very gooey, but I still think it appeals to children.

Jose Gonzalez, 8th grade:
I mixed all the flavors together. I wanted to get a taste of all of them. Even without the water, it smells very sweet. Once you add the water, it smells even better. It tastes very sweet and I actually taste the apples. This is really a true comfort food.

Natalie Cleland, 8th grade:
The package is really nice and approachable for little kids, and it lets them play with their food without getting punished. It smells really good, but the flavor is a little bland. Overall, it's good for people who are between 2 and 10.

Russell Snapp, 8th grade:
I mixed Cinn-O-Man and Apple-tastic. Clearly, they are trying to appeal to little kids. To put it simply, it tastes worse than it smells. I've never really liked oatmeal, but this is pretty terrible. I would not buy this.

Alicia Vizcaino Torres, 8th grade:
The packaging looks OK, but maybe it needs more color to appeal to more kids. It's easy to open, and yeah, it makes sense for the product. I think it needs more flavor and more sugar. I didn't love it, but it's not bad.

Alex Dzwierzynski, 8th grade:
The packaging is nice, but I think the names are too corny. I mixed all of the flavors together. I put the most Apple-tastic in. I think the combination is delicious, and it smells good. I would buy this product.

Zoe Ennis, 8th grade:
The packaging is not very noticeable, so I would most likely pass it by. I mixed Cinn-O-Man and the Apple-tastic. The taste is good, but it becomes better with sugar. I think it would be good with more apple flavor. I think people would enjoy a new take on oatmeal, which this is.

Marty Leoni, 8th grade:
Blah! It tastes very nasty. The names on the packaging are fun, but it tastes and smells like manure. This is aimed for little lids, so their tastes aren't refined enough for it to taste bad. So for old people and teenagers, it's bad, but little kids will like it.

Imari April Huff, 8th grade:
I like the packaging because it is colorful and appealing. I mixed Mapl-icious and Cinn-O-Man. It smells good, and is kind of gooey. It is a necessity because it gives kids the chance to do what they want. Overall, this is a great product, and I recommend it.

Mikey Barrett, 8th grade:
The packaging isn't that good; it looks like washer cleaner. I mixed everything. It looks nasty, and someone needs to pay me dollars to eat it. It tastes so nasty; I will never buy this.

Erica Gardner, 8th grade:
The packaging is very easy to open and gives a clear view of which flavor is which. I mixed the Cinn-O-Man and the Mapl-icious. The texture of the oatmeal is kind of lumpy, but it still has a nice taste. I would most definitely buy some!

Sam Brewer, 8th grade:
I mixed them all. It was overall good, but I don't like the packaging. My favorite is Mapl-icious. It doesn't look appealing.

Janeth Herrera, 8th grade:
Well, the package is white with colors, and it is easy to open. Yes, it does make sense for the product. Anyone that likes oatmeal would buy it. Anyone who likes how it tastes or how sweet it is would also. If they really like this product, then the world would need it.
Ashley Roberts, 8th grade:
The package is OK and appeals to younger kids. It was easy to open the package; yeah it does make sense for the product. It has a strong smell – like cinnamon. The texture could be better. Parents would buy this for their kids.