Food Funnies: You Write the Cartoon Caption April 2012

April edition of Food Processing's Food Funnies, a monthly feature guaranteed to give you a good laugh.

By Illustration by Jerry King

Here at Food Processing, we understand how stressful life can be so we're encouraging you to take 5 minutes to add a little fun into your life. Food Funnies is our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work —  by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

Here's how it works: Submit your caption, via email, for the cartoon that appears below. The winning caption will be featured on the Web site, our Facebook page, and in an upcoming eNewsletter.

March Food Funny
Illustration by Jerry King

Submitted Captions

‎We are going to need a lot of Bacon and lettuce

Is it just me or do you have the urge to read "James and the giant Peach"?

Ok, so we are going to need a lot of salt.

...and this is just the cherry tomato

Ummmm...can we still make a non-GMO claim on our cans?

This still qualifies as ‘Natural’, right?

Brandy, You're gonna need a bigger blancher

Yes, I did tell you to order in bulk...but....

Now that we created it, we need to get Redco to make a slicer big enough, then a bun and hamburger patty big enough to hold a slice.

Well, we finally did it! A family size tomato!

We need to talk to that new guy in supply

Taking our cue from Peter Pumpkin-Eater, we're testing the edible housing market

You say "Tuh-mey-toh" ... I say "Holy COW!"

We better not let the NFL know about our new growth hormone!

Did Miracle-Gro reformulate?

Monsanto eat your heart out!

This is the sample our vendor sent over.  The new FTC rules are making it ridiculously difficult to develop our new Strawberry Super Fruit Singles.

I don’t think this will pass for organic!

I threw my husband’s Viagra in the tomato patch and ....